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Stress Tests to Promote Financial Stability: Assessing Progress and Looking to the Future 2013
Bookstaber, Richard
Flood, Mark
Glasserman, Paul
Cetina, Jill
Feldberg, Greg
Stress testing, which has its roots in risk management, should be adapted to support financial stability monitoring and to incorporate the interconnec...
Risk Management Data and Information for Improved Insight 2012
Brose, Margarita
Flood, Mark
Rowe, David
We provide an introduction and overview to the field of risk management for interested non-specialists, with a particular focus on the data and inform...
Handbook of Financial Data and Risk Information 2014
Flood, Mark
Brose, Margarita
Krishna, Dilip
Nichols, Bill
Risk has always been central to finance, and managing risk depends critically on information. As evidenced by recent events, the need has never been g...
A Brief History of Financial Risk and Information 2012
Flood, Mark
This chapter presents the historical context for the current state of financial information and risk management. In lieu of a comprehensive history, t...
A Survey of Systemic Risk Analytics 2012
Flood, Mark
Lo, Andrew
Bisias, Dimitrios
Valavanis, Stavros
We provide a survey of 31 quantitative measures of systemic risk in the economics and finance literature, chosen to span key themes and issues in syst...
Systemic Scenario Selection: Stress Testing and the Nature of Uncertainty 2013
Flood, Mark
Korenko, George
We present a technique for selecting multidimensional shock scenarios for use in financial stress testing. The methodology systematically enforces int...
Embracing Change: Financial Informatics and Risk Analytics 2006
Flood, Mark
We present an enterprise design pattern for managing metadata in support of financial analytics packages. The complexity of financial modeling typical...
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