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A Top-Down Approach to the Stress-Testing of Ban.. [Kapinos, Pavel][Mitnik, Oscar] 8-26-2014
Stress Scenario Generation for Solvency and Risk.. [Steffensen, Mogens][C_hristiansen, Marcus C.][Henriksen, Lars F. B.][Schomacker, Kristian Juul] 4-21-2014
Stress Tests: From Arts to Science [Breuer, Thomas][Csiszár, Imre] 3-7-2014
Integrating Stress Scenarios into Risk Quantific.. [Abdymomunov, Azamat][Blei, Sharon][Ergashev, Bakhodir] 3-2-2014
A Black-Litterman Approach to Correlation Stress.. [Yu, Philip L.H.][Ng, F.C.][Li, Wai Keung] 2-2-2014
Main Features of the 2014 EU-wide Stress Test [European Banking Authority] 2-1-2014
Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review 2013: .. [Federal Reserve Bd.][Pausch, Thilo] 12-29-2013
Stress Tests to Promote Financial Stability: Ass.. [Bookstaber, Richard][Flood, Mark][Glasserman, Paul][Cetina, Jill][Feldberg, Greg] 12-29-2013
Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test 2013: Supervisory Str.. [Federal Reserve Bd.] 12-29-2013
Europe Misses Again on Bank Stress Test [Licari, Juan][Ahmed, Enam][Appeddu, Andrea][Bowler, Melanie][Holinka, Tomas][Loiseau-Aslandi, Olga][Witton, Z] 12-29-2013
Measuring Capital Adequacy Supervisory Stress Te.. [Wall, Larry D.] 12-29-2013
Extreme Value Theory and Application to Market S.. [Glantz, Morton][Kissell, Robert] 12-27-2013
Bank Stress Testing: A Stochastic Simulation Fra.. [Montesi, Giuseppe][Papiro, Giovanni] 12-14-2013
Norges Bank Stress Testing of Credit Risks [van Lelyveld, Iman][Kwast, Myron][Holden, Steinar][Jurcevic, Demelza] 11-20-2013
Formulating Hypothetical Scenarios in Correlatio.. [Yu, Philip L.H.][Li, Wai Keung][Ng, F.C.] 11-10-2013
Liquidity Stress Testing: A Survey of Theory, Em.. [Basel Committee] 10-27-2013
Ring Fencing and Consolidated Banks’ Stress Test.. [Cerutti, Eugenio][Schmieder, Christian] 10-21-2013
Global Macro-Financial Shocks and Expected Defau.. [Zaher, Fadi][Castren, Olli][Dees, Stephane] 10-17-2013
A Macro Stress Testing Framework for Assessing S.. [Henry, Jerome][Kok, C_hristoffer] 10-16-2013
A Framework for Stress Testing the UK Banking Sy.. [Bank of England] 10-13-2013
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