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CEBS Guidelines on Stress Testing (GL32) [CEBS] 8-27-2010
Rebuilding Trust: Next Steps for Risk Management.. [Mitchell, Rob] 6-2-2010
The New Basel Accord Consultative Document [Basel Committee] 3-21-2004
Regulatory and Investor Protection Issues Arisin.. [Intl Org of Secs Comm] 6-5-2003
Amendment to the Financial Rules to Permit the U.. [] 3-2-2003
The Impact of FAS 133 on the Risk Management [Assoc of Fin Prof] 10-9-2002
The Impact of SEC Requirements on the Disclosure.. [Assoc of Fin Prof] 10-9-2002
Plugging the Holes in Risk Systems [Tomasula, Dean] 8-24-2002
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