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Investment Portfolio Risk Analysis System [Piccinini, Renaud][Rockwell, Casey T.] 8-23-2014
Parallel Computation of Value at Risk Using Delt.. [Zhang, Nan][Man, Ka Lok][Lim, Eng Gee] 4-13-2014
Method, System and Computer Program for Operatio.. [Supatgiat, Chonawee][Kenyon, Chris][Heusler, Lucas] 8-24-2013
QuPARA: Query-Driven Large-Scale Portfolio Aggre.. [Rau-Chaplin, Andrew][Varghese, Blesson][Wilson, Duane][Yao, Zhimin][Zeh, Norbert] 8-23-2013
Achieving Speedup in Aggregate Risk Analysis usi.. [Bahl, Aman Kumar][Baltzer, Oliver][Rau-Chaplin, Andrew][Varghese, Blesson][Whiteway, Aaron] 8-17-2013
Parallel Simulations for Analysing Portfolios of.. [Varghese, Blesson][Bahl, Aman Kumar][Baltzer, Oliver][Rau-Chaplin, Andrew] 4-20-2013
A Software Review for Extreme Value Analysis [Gilleland, Eric][Ribatet, Mathieu][Stephenson, Alec G.] 3-10-2013
Multi-GPU Computing for Achieving Speedup in Rea.. [Rau-Chaplin, Andrew][Varghese, Blesson][Bahl, Aman Kumar][Baltzer, Oliver][Whiteway, Aaron] 3-2-2013
High Performance Risk Aggregation: Addressing th.. [Varghese, Blesson][Rau-Chaplin, Andrew][Yao, Zhimin] 2-24-2013
Using Extreme Value Theory and Copulas to Evalua.. [MathWorks] 1-3-2013
R Code for: The Best of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Ap.. [Hurlin, C_hristophe][Perignon, Christophe] 12-29-2012
System and Method for Estimating Portfolio Risk .. [Rachev, Svetlozar][Samorodnitsky, Gennady][Kim, Young Shin] 11-3-2012
Economic Capital & Bank Stress Testing [Morrison, John A.] 10-15-2012
Agile Risk Data Infrastructure for Basel III Imp.. [Harris, Samuel] 10-13-2012
Quantification of Operational Risk [Schaf, Irina][Buttler, Michael][Stern, Rudiger][Wegmann, Patrick] 9-18-2012
risk Management System, Distributed Framework an.. [Dembo, Ron][Zerbs, MIchael][Adar, Alon][Bartlett, Neil E.][Parkinson, Brian][Perry, David] 8-10-2012
Methods for Determining Value at Risk [Muller, Ulrich] 8-5-2012
Method and Device for Calculating Value at Risk [Feuerverger, Andrey] 8-5-2012
Methods for Measuring Hedging Value-at-Risk and .. [Ahn, Stephen J.][Hauser, Oded][Yao, John J.] 8-5-2012
System and Method for Determining a Liquidity-Ad.. [Canabarro, Eduardo] 8-5-2012
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