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Math/Stat Background
Document Title Author Issue Date
Dynamic Models for Volatility and Heavy Tails [Harvey, Andrew] 2-14-2014
Copulae in Mathematical and Quantitative Finance [Jaworski, Piotr][Durante, Fabrizio][Hardle, Wolfgang] 7-5-2013
Statistical Methods for Financial Engineering [Remillard, Bruno] 6-23-2013
GARCH Models: Structure, Statistical Inference a.. [Francq, C_hristian][Zakoïan, Jean-Michel] 6-13-2013
Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods [Martin, R. Douglas][Yohai, Victor J.][Maronna, Ricardo] 5-30-2013
A Primer For The Mathematics Of Financial Engine.. [Stefanica, Dan] 12-25-2012
Simulating Copulas [Scherer, Matthias][Mai, Jan-Frederik] 11-12-2012
Uncertainty Theory: A Branch of Mathematics for .. [Liu, Baoding] 9-18-2012
Dynamic Copula Methods in Finace [Cherubini, Umberto][Gobbi, Fabio][Romagnoli, Silvia][Mulinacci, Sabrina] 8-24-2012
Applied Missing Data Analysis [Enders, Craig] 6-17-2012
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Models [Hardle, Wolfgang][Sperlich, Stefan][Müller, Marlene][Werwatz, Axel] 6-17-2012
Saddlepoint Approximations with Applications [Butler, Ronald W.] 6-10-2012
Multivariate T-Distributions and Their Applcatio.. [Kotz, Samuel][Nadarajah, Saralees] 6-9-2012
A Companion to Economic Forecasting [Clements, Michael][Hendry, David F.] 6-3-2012
Stochastic Simulation and Applications in Financ.. [Huynh, Huu Tue][Lai, Van Son][Soumaré, Issouf] 6-2-2012
Foundations of Modern Probability [Kallenberg, Olav] 5-12-2012
Statistical Inference [Casella, George][Berger, Roger L.] 5-5-2012
Tools for Statistical Inference: Methods for the.. [Tanner, Martin A.] 5-5-2012
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance [Roman, Steven] 5-1-2012
Asymptotic Statistics [van der Vaart, Aad] 5-1-2012
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