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Risk Management
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Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management [Scherer, Matthias][Zagst, Rudi] 2-1-2015
Risk Topography: Systemic Risk and Macro Modelin.. [Brunnermeier, Markus][Krishnamurthy, Arvind] 8-23-2014
Tail Risk Hedging: Creating Robust Portfolios fo.. [Bhansali, Vineer] 7-26-2014
CCAR and Beyond Capital Assessment, Stress Testi.. [Zhang, Jing] 7-5-2014
Risk - A Multidisciplinary Introduction [Kluppelberg, Claudia][Straub, Daniel][Welpe, Isabell M.] 6-21-2014
Teoría de Riesgo: Riesgo actuarial y Riesgo Fina.. [Diz, Evaristo] 5-20-2014
Handbook of Solvency for Actuaries and Risk Mana.. [Sandstrom, Arne] 2-22-2014
Heads or Tails: Financial Disaster, Risk Managem.. [Ivantsov, Evgueni] 1-31-2014
VaR Based on SMA, EWMA and GARCH(1,1) Volatility.. [Angelovska, Julijana] 12-30-2013
Multi-Asset Risk Modeling [Glantz, Morton][Kissell, Robert] 12-27-2013
Handbook of Financial Data and Risk Information [Flood, Mark][Brose, Margarita][Krishna, Dilip][Nichols, Bill] 11-30-2013
Evaluation of Value at Risk Models: The New Scie.. [Naidu, P.A.] 11-3-2013
Managing Extreme Financial Risk: Strategies and .. [Paul, Karamjeet] 9-20-2013
Operational Risk Control with Basel II [Chorafas, Dimitris N.] 9-15-2013
Mastering Operational Risk [Blunden, Tony][Thirlwell, John] 9-15-2013
The Risk Modeling Evaluation Handbook [Gregoriou, Greg][Wehn, Carsten S.][Hoppe, C_hristian] 9-2-2013
Loss Models: Further Topics [Klugman, Stuart][Panjer, Harry H.][Willmot, Gordon] 8-24-2013
Handbook of Financial Risk Management: Simulatio.. [Chan, Ngai Hang][Wong, Hoi Ying] 8-16-2013
Credit Portfolio Management: A Practitioner'.. [Hünseler, MIchael] 8-7-2013
Risk Management Technology in Financial Firms [Chorafas, Dimitris N.] 6-18-2013
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