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Anybody can do Value at Risk: A Teaching Study u.. [Cheung, Yun Hsing][Powell, Robert J.] 1-27-2013
Variation about the Mean [Anonymous] 12-14-2012
Quantitative Risk Management [Hu, Grace Xing] 9-14-2011
Forecasting and Risk Management [Tian, Shaonan] 8-22-2011
Financial Risk Management - FIN6930 Spring 2011 [AitSahlia, Farid] 1-23-2011
Financial Risk Management FIN 6930 - Spring 2010 [Ait-Sahlia, Farid] 8-22-2010
Financial Risk Management Spring 2009 [Goyal, Amit] 8-22-2010
Financial Risk Management IEOR E4723 - Summer 20.. [Malz, Allan] 8-22-2010
Financial Risk Management FIN 397.4 - Spring 200.. [Garlappi, Lorenzo] 8-22-2010
Financial Risk Management ORF 435 - Fall 2009 [Rudloff, Birgit][Hamel, Andreas H.] 8-22-2010
Enterprise Risk Management FINC 557 Winter 2009-.. [Kolb, Robert W.] 8-22-2010
Tail Index Estimation and Value at Risk [Linton, Oliver] 11-23-2003
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