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Measuring Market Risk Under Basel II, 2.5, and I.. [Chen, James Ming] 1-3-2014
Mitigating Procyclicality in Basel II: A Value a.. [Roesch, Daniel] 11-21-2013
Robust Eligible Own Funds and Value at Risk unde.. [Pitselis, Georgios] 10-6-2013
Operational Risk Control with Basel II [Chorafas, Dimitris N.] 9-15-2013
Loss Distribution Approach for Operational Risk .. [Peters, Gareth][Shevchenko, Pavel] 6-15-2013
Basel III and beyond Using stress testing to hel.. [Barfield, Richard][Kennedy, Miles] 5-11-2013
Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Liqu.. [Basel Committee] 3-3-2013
Basel III: International Framework for Liquidity.. [Basel Committee] 3-3-2013
Risk Measures and Capital Requirements: A Critiq.. [Floreani, Alberto] 1-5-2013
Basel III Counterparty Credit Risk and Exposures.. [Basel Committee] 12-29-2012
Volatiity, Duration, and Value-at-Risk [Liu, Pujun] 11-22-2012
A Critique of the Revised Basel II [Jarrow, Robert] 11-10-2012
CRO Guide to Solvency II [Beckers, Marc][Neal, Blanche] 11-4-2012
Quantifying Credit and Market Risk Under Solvenc.. [Gatzert, Nadine][Martin, Michael] 11-4-2012
Practices and Issues in Operational Risk Modelin.. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 10-14-2012
Agile Risk Data Infrastructure for Basel III Imp.. [Harris, Samuel] 10-13-2012
Evaluation of Basel III Revision of Quantitative.. [Sharma, Meera] 10-13-2012
Stress Testing (PRM Handbook, Vol. III) [Schachter, Barry] 8-10-2012
Proposed Revisions to the Basel II Market Risk F.. [Basel Committee] 5-6-2012
Liquidity Stress-Tester: Do Basel III and Unconv.. [van den End, Jan Willem] 3-13-2012
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