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Parallel Computation of Value at Risk Using Delt.. [Zhang, Nan][Man, Ka Lok][Lim, Eng Gee] 4-13-2014
Conditional Value-at-Risk Approximation to Value.. [Hong, Liu Jeff][Hu, Zhaolin][Zhang, Liwei] 2-17-2014
Importance Sampling for Monte Carlo Estimation o.. [Glynn, Peter W.] 6-29-2013
The Effects of Misspecified Marginals and Copula.. [Fantazzini, Dean][Laws, Jason][Dunis, C_hristian L.] 2-1-2013
Anybody can do Value at Risk: A Teaching Study u.. [Cheung, Yun Hsing][Powell, Robert J.] 1-27-2013
A Monte Carlo Simulation Approach to Forecasting.. [Degiannakis, Stavros][Dent, Pamela][Floros, C_hristos] 12-18-2012
Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods and Value at.. [Langmore, Ian] 7-7-2012
Monte Carlo Estimation of Value-at-Risk, Conditi.. [Hong, Liu Jeff][Liu, Guangwu] 4-8-2012
Quantile Mechanics II: Changes of Variables in M.. [Shaw, William T.][Brickman, Nick][Luu, Thomas] 1-16-2012
Monte Carlo by Day [Frye, Jon] 1-8-2012
Modeling Risk, + DVD: Applying Monte Carlo Risk .. [Mun, Jonathan] 8-22-2011
A System to Calculate Market Value-at-Risk using.. [Rezek, George][Huang, Charlie] 6-30-2011
A System to Calculate Market Value-at-Risk using.. [Rezek, George] 6-30-2011
Monte Carlo: Concepts, Algorithms and Applicatio.. [Fishman, George S.] 4-22-2011
Rare-Event Probability Estimation with Condition.. [Chan, Joshua C.C.][Kroese, Dirk P.] 4-1-2011
Drawdown-at-Risk Monte Carlo Optimization [Steiner, Andreas] 3-29-2011
Portfolio Optimization for VAR, CVaR, Omega and .. [Shaw, William T.] 3-6-2011
A Monte Carlo Comparison of Four Estimators of a.. [Lin, Shang][Perlman, Michael] 2-3-2011
Monte Carlo Statistical Methods [Robert, C_hristian P.][Casella, George] 12-5-2010
Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Stochastic Simulation .. [Gamerman, Dani][Lopes, Hedibert F.] 11-25-2010
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