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What is the Best Risk Measure in Practice? A Com.. [Emmer, Suzanne][Tasche, Dirk][Kratz, Marie] 1-1-2014
R Code for: The Best of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Ap.. [Hurlin, C_hristophe][Perignon, Christophe] 12-29-2012
Data Quality and Stress Testing: Best Practices .. [De Vylder, Thibaut][Rommel, Bernard] 6-15-2012
Forging Best Practices in Risk Management [Glasserman, Paul][Flannery, Mark J.][Mordecai, David K. A.][Rossi, Cliff] 3-31-2012
Operational Risk Toward Basel III: Best Practice.. [Gregoriou, Greg] 8-28-2011
Best Practice in Risk Management: A Function Com.. [Economist Intel Unit] 4-12-2011
Enterprise Risk Management: Today's Leading .. [Simkins, Betty J.][Fraser, John R. S.] 8-22-2010
Best Practices for a Board’s Role in Risk Oversi.. [Moodys] 7-27-2010
IL RISCHIO DI LIQUIDITA’: REGOLAMENTAZIONE E BES.. [Porretta, Pasqualina][Panetta, Ida Claudia] 3-18-2010
Liquidity Risk Measurement and Management: A Pra.. [Neu, Peter][Matz, Leonard] 3-18-2010
Measuring Market Liquidity Risk - Which Model Wo.. [Ernst, Cornelia][Stange, Sebastian][Kaserer, Christoph] 5-3-2009
Principles and Best Practices for Hedge fund Inv.. [PWGFM] 2-15-2009
Best Practices for the Hedge Fund Industry: Repo.. [PWGFM] 2-15-2009
Choices and Best Practice in Corporate Risk Mana.. [Emm, Ekaterina][Gay, Gerald D.][Lin, Chen-Miao] 12-29-2008
Final Report of the IIF Committee on Market Best.. [IIF] 8-2-2008
Which Value-at-Risk Method Works Best for Bank T.. [Perignon, Christophe][Smith, Daniel R.] 8-12-2007
Emerging Best Practices in Developing Key Risk I.. [Lam, James] 6-4-2007
A. M. Bests Liquidity Model for U.S. Life Insure.. [Irwin, Stephen A.][Shah, Ajay] 3-25-2007
Best Practices In Mortgage Default Risk Measurem.. [Kaskowitz, David][Kipkalov, Alexander][Lundstedt, Kyle][Mingo, John] 12-28-2006
Sicherheitskapitalbestimmung und -allokation in .. [Koryciorz, Sven] 3-24-2006
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