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Fundamental Review of the Trading Book: A Revise.. [Basel Committee] 3-9-2014
Handbook of Solvency for Actuaries and Risk Mana.. [Sandstrom, Arne] 2-22-2014
Handbook of Financial Data and Risk Information [Flood, Mark][Brose, Margarita][Krishna, Dilip][Nichols, Bill] 11-30-2013
The Risk Modeling Evaluation Handbook [Gregoriou, Greg][Wehn, Carsten S.][Hoppe, C_hristian] 9-2-2013
Handbook of Financial Risk Management: Simulatio.. [Chan, Ngai Hang][Wong, Hoi Ying] 8-16-2013
Analysis of Risk-Weighted Assets for Credit Risk.. [Basel Committee] 7-7-2013
Bank’s Trading Book and Value-at-Risk [Lal, Manohar] 5-6-2013
Handbook on Systemic Risk [Fouque, Jean-Pierre][Langsam, Joseph A.] 5-6-2013
Optimal Submission Problem in a Limit Order Book.. [Song, Na][Ching, Wai-Ki][Siu, Tak Kuen][Yiu, Ka-Fai Cedric] 12-18-2012
Prudential Sourcebook for Banks, Building Societ.. [Financial Services Authority (UK)] 10-14-2012
Stress Testing (PRM Handbook, Vol. III) [Schachter, Barry] 8-10-2012
Fundamental Review of the Trading Book Consultat.. [Basel Committee] 5-3-2012
Systemic Risk and Sentiment Chapter Contribution.. [Barone-Adesi, Giovanni][Mancini, Loriano][Shefrin, Hersh] 3-15-2012
Dependence Modeling: Vine Copula Handbook [Joe, Harry][Kurowicka, Dorota] 8-8-2011
Handbook of Heavy Tailed Distributions in Financ.. [Rachev, Svetlozar] 3-13-2011
Financial Risk Manager's Handbook 6th Editio.. [Jorion, Philippe] 3-10-2011
Messages from the Academic Literature on Risk Me.. [Basel Committee] 2-7-2011
The VaR Modeling Handbook [Gregoriou, Greg] 1-23-2011
Guidelines for Computing Capital for Incremental.. [Basel Committee] 1-2-2011
Handbook of Quantitative Finance and Risk Manage.. [Lee, Cheng-Few][Lee, Alice][Lee, John] 10-2-2010
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