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Bayesian Analysis in Financial Econometrics: Val.. [Tsay, Ruey S.] 1-1-2013
A Comparable Evaluation of Efficiency between Ri.. [Shams, Mirfeiz Fallah] 9-25-2011
The Simple Econometrics of Tail Dependence [Zhou, Chen][van Oordt, Maarten R.C.] 7-17-2011
Contemporary Bayesian Econometrics and Statistic.. [Geweke, John] 2-13-2011
Financial Econometrics: From Basics to Advanced .. [Rachev, Svetlozar][Mittnik, Stefan][Fabozzi, Frank J.][Focardi, Sergio][Jasic, Teo] 11-5-2010
Maximum Entropy Econometrics [Miller, Douglas J.][Judge, George G.][Golan, Amos] 10-18-2010
Market Risk Analysis: Practical Financial Econom.. [Alexander, Carol] 9-19-2010
Nonparametric Econometrics: Theory and Practice [Racine, Jeffrey Scott][Li, Qi] 4-25-2010
The Econometrics of Financial Markets [Lo, Andrew][Campbell, John Y.][MacKinlay, Craig] 4-4-2010
Applications of Copula Theory in Financial Econo.. [Patton, Andrew J.] 3-14-2007
Risk Measurement, Econometrics and Neural Networ.. [Bol, Georg] 8-6-2002
Financial Econometrics: Problems, Models, and Me.. [Gourieroux, Christian][Jasiak, Joann] 8-4-2002
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