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Risk Modelling in Energy Markets [Almi, Eldar Nikolai][Rege, Torstein] 6-21-2014
Nonparametric Tests for Constant Tail Dependence.. [Bucher, Axel][Jaschke, Stefan R.][Wied, Dominik] 4-25-2014
Modelling Tail Dependence Between Energy Market .. [Pan, Zhiyuan] 4-9-2014
Estimation of Risk Measures in Energy Portfolios.. [Jaschke, Stefan R.] 2-2-2014
Tail Risk in Energy Portfolios [Peña, Juan Ignacio][González-Pedraz, Carlos][Moreno, Manuel] 6-30-2013
Risk Management for Energy Markets [Senyo, Emmanuel] 6-12-2013
Modeling Dependence of Extreme Events in Energy .. [Jaschke, Stefan R.][Silburg, Karl F.][Stoimenov, Pavel] 5-4-2013
Energy Risk Management Through Self-Exciting Mar.. [Herrera, Rodrigo] 3-24-2013
Risk Factors and Value at Risk in Publicly Trade.. [Bianconi, Marcelo][Yoshino, Joe A.] 1-20-2013
Value-at-Risk for Energy Commodities: Long-Range.. [Aloui, Chaker] 5-11-2012
Risk Management in the Energy Markets and Value-.. [Nomikos, Nikos][Andriosopoulos, Kostas] 1-2-2012
Historical risk measures on stock market indices.. [Tarrant, Wayne] 11-26-2011
Extreme Value Theory and Copula Theory: A Risk M.. [Liu, Jia] 7-4-2011
Portfolio Value-at-Risk Estimation in Energy Fut.. [Lai, Kin Keung][Lu, Xun Fa][Liang, Liang] 6-9-2011
Stress Testing of Energy-Related Derivative Inst.. [Kücüközmen, C. Coskun][Aydin, Nadi Serhan] 6-9-2011
Univariate and Multivariate Value-at-Risk: Appli.. [Chin, Wen Cheong] 4-16-2011
The Performance of Composite Forecast Models of .. [Chiu, Yen-Chen][Chuang, I-Yuan][Lai, Jing-Yi] 10-21-2010
Modelling Asymmetric Dependence Using Copula Fun.. [Bastianin, Andrea] 5-14-2010
Energy Budgets at Risk (EBaR): A Risk Management.. [Jackson, Jerry] 4-24-2010
Promoting energy efficiency investments with ris.. [Jackson, Jerry] 4-24-2010
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