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Robust Conditional Variance and Value-at-Risk Es.. [Dupuis, Debbie J.][Papageorgiou, Nicolas][Remillard, Bruno] 8-20-2014
Value-at-Risk Time Scaling for Long-Term Risk Es.. [Spadafora, Luca][Dubrovich, Marco][Terraneo, Marcello] 8-17-2014
Efficient Estimation of Extreme Value-at-Risks f.. [He, Zhongfang] 8-12-2014
Estimation of Value-at-Risk Measures in the Isla.. [Frad, Haifa][Zouari, Ezzeddine] 7-13-2014
Estimation of Extreme Value-at-Risk: An EVT Appr.. [Yi, Yanping][Feng, Xingdong][Huang, Zhuo] 7-6-2014
Robust and Practical Estimation for Measures of .. [Homescu, Cristian] 6-20-2014
Estimation of Extreme Depth-Based Quantile Regio.. [Einmahl, John H.J.][He, Yi] 6-15-2014
A Note on Nonparametric Estimation of Bivariate .. [Bucher, Axel] 5-31-2014
Bregman superquantiles: Estimation methods and a.. [Gamboa, Fabrice][Garivier, Aurelien][Iooss, Bertrand][Labopin-Richard, Tatiana] 5-31-2014
Nonparametric Estimation of the Conditional Tail.. [Ndao, Pathé][Diop, Aliou][Dupuy, Jean-François] 5-25-2014
Value at Risk Estimation with Entropy-Based Wave.. [He, Kaijian][Zou, Yingchao][Wang, Lijun][Lai, Kin Keung] 4-21-2014
Quantitative Techniques for Financial Risk Asses.. [Dedu, Silvia][Toma, Aida] 4-13-2014
An Application of Bayesian Inference on the Mod.. [Rahman, Kashfia N.][Black, Dennis A.][McDonald, Gary C.] 4-6-2014
Multifractal Based Return Interval Approach for .. [Liu, Weijia][Chung, Chi Yung][Wen, Fushuan] 3-24-2014
Generalized Hyperbolic Distributinos and Value-a.. [Huang, Chun-Kai][Chinhamu, Knowledge][Huang, Chun-Sung][Hammujuddy, Jahvaid] 3-9-2014
Estimation Error of Expected Shortfall [Kondor, Imre] 3-3-2014
Does Tail Dependence Make A Difference in the Es.. [Jiang, Chuanliang] 2-18-2014
Long Memory Behavior in the Returns of the Mexic.. [Lopez Herrera, Francisco][Ortiz, Edgar][de Jesus, Raul] 2-17-2014
Evaluation of Value-at-Risk Estimation Using Lon.. [Sethapramote, Yuthana][Prukumpai, Suthawan][Kanyamee, Tiwa] 2-17-2014
Parameter Uncertainty and Residual Estimation Ri.. [Tsanakas, Andreas][Bignozzi, Valeria] 2-12-2014
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