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Statistical Methods for Financial Engineering [Remillard, Bruno] 6-23-2013
A Primer For The Mathematics Of Financial Engine.. [Stefanica, Dan] 12-25-2012
Optimal Statistical Inference in Financial Engin.. [Taniguchi, Masanobu][Hirukawa, Junichi][Tamaki, Kenichiro] 12-28-2010
Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engin.. [Ruppert, David] 12-6-2010
Risk Modelling in Civil and Financial Engineerin.. [Boshouwers, W. P. C.] 4-29-2006
Monte Carlo Methods in Financial Engineering [Glasserman, Paul] 5-16-2004
Financial Engineering and Computation: Principle.. [Lyuu, Yuh-Dauh] 3-30-2003
Risk Managemetn and Financial Engineering [Hull, John] 3-1-2003
Managing Financial Risk: A Guide to Derivative P.. [Smithson, Charles][Smith, Clifford W. Jr.] 8-7-2002
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