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The Maximum of Randomly Weighted Sums with Long .. [Ng, Kai W.][Yuen, K.C.] 9-1-2014
Risk Measurement and Management of Operational R.. [Gatzert, Nadine][Kolb, Andreas] 8-22-2014
Optimal Reinsurance with Regulatory Initial Capi.. [Cai, Jun][Lemieux, C_hristiane][Liu, Fangda] 5-12-2014
Statistics and Quantitative Risk Management for .. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 4-11-2014
Optimal Reinsurance with Concave Ceded Loss Func.. [Lu, ZhiYi][Liu, LePing][Meng, ShengWang] 2-2-2014
From Ruin Theory to Solvency in Non-life Insuran.. [Wuethrich, Mario V.] 9-19-2013
Statistics and Quantitative Risk Management for .. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 7-28-2013
Assessing the Contribution of Bans, Insurances a.. [Bernal, Oscar][Gnabo, Jean-Yves][Guilmin, Grégory] 7-25-2013
Modeling and Evaluating Insurance Losses Via Mix.. [Lee, Simon C. K.][Lin, X. Sheldon] 6-25-2013
Modified Gaussian Pseudo-Copula: Applications in .. [Fang, Yi][Madsen, Lisa] 6-11-2013
Performance and Sensitivity Analysis of the VaR-.. [Jonasardottir, Rosa][Lavstrand, Andreas] 6-10-2013
A CAViaR Modelling for a Simple Time-Varying Pro.. [Hamidi, Benjamin][Jurczenko, Emmanuel][Maillet, Bertrand B.] 6-10-2013
A Risk Management Approach for Portfolio Insuran.. [Hamidi, Benjamin][Maillet, Bertrand B.][Prigent, Jean-Luc] 6-10-2013
The Effectiveness of the VaR-based Portfolio Ins.. [An, Yunbi][Jiang, Chonghui][Ma, Yongkai] 6-10-2013
Multi-Horizon Portfolio Insurance Model [Stulajter, Frantisek] 6-10-2013
Belgium: Technical Note on Stress Testing the Ba.. [Jobst, Andreas][Keller, Philipp][Nowak, Sylwia] 5-28-2013
Bootstrap Control Charts in Monitoring Value at .. [Guillen, Monserrat][Abbasi, Babak] 5-18-2013
Designing a Countercyclical Insurance Program fo.. [Boyle, Phelim][Kim, Joseph H.T.] 12-25-2012
Why Ruin Theory whould be of Interest for Insura.. [Loisel, Stephane][Gerber, Hans U.] 11-3-2012
A Nonparametric Approach to Analyzing Operationa.. [Bolance, Catalina][Guillen, Monserrat][Ayuso, Mercedes] 10-28-2012
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