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Measurement and Internalization of Systemic Risk.. [Feng, Xiaobing][Hu, Haibo] 7-19-2014
Internal Model Validation in Brazil: Analysis of.. [da Silveira Barbedo, C.][Araujo, Gustavo S.][Cosme, Alan][Neves, Myrian] 11-30-2013
Allocation of Risk Capital on an Internal Market [Baule, Rainer] 9-19-2013
Quantifying Credit and Market Risk Under Solvenc.. [Gatzert, Nadine][Martin, Michael] 11-4-2012
Evaluation of Basel III Revision of Quantitative.. [Sharma, Meera] 10-13-2012
Does the Application of Innovative Internal Mode.. [Kalyvas, Lampros][Sfetsos, Athanasios] 9-16-2012
Transition to the Internal Models Approach for M.. [Eapen, Aby][Mittal, Vibhor] 5-6-2012
Internal vs. External Risk Measures: How Capital.. [Eling, Martin][Tibiletti, Luisa] 4-25-2012
Risk Aggregation by Using Copulas in Internal Mo.. [Molinari, Robert Danilo][Nguyen, Tristan] 3-8-2012
Internal Loss Data Collection Implementation: Ev.. [Webb, Robert][Adams, Jennifer][Bryce, Cormac] 1-11-2012
EBA Guidelines on Internal Governance [European Banking Authority] 9-27-2011
Various Faces of Risk Measures: Internal Model&#.. [Koskinen, Lasse][Wang, Min] 9-5-2011
Internal Assessment of Credit Concentration Risk.. [Bandyopadhyay, Arindam] 2-21-2011
Internal Models-Based Capital Regulation and Ban.. [Kupiec, Paul] 5-1-2010
Risk aggregation in Solvency II: How to converge.. [Devineau, Laurent][Loisel, Stephane] 4-4-2010
A statistical method to optimize the combination.. [Figini, Silvia][Sanyal, Ani][Uberti, Pierpaolo][Giudici, Paolo] 4-3-2010
Combining Underreported Internal and External Da.. [Guillen, Monserrat][Gustafsson, Jim][Nielsen, Jens P.] 4-2-2010
Guidance Note AGN 113.2 - The Internal Model App.. [APRA] 11-17-2007
Capital Adequacy Guidelines for Banks: Internal .. [Comptroller of the Currency] 11-25-2007
Internal Risk Control Benchmark Setting for Fore.. [Al Janabi, Mazin] 7-24-2007
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