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The Limits of Financial Risk Management: Or What.. [Best, Jacqueline] 11-4-2013
The Limits of Granularity Adjustment [Fermanian, Jean-David] 7-13-2013
Risk Evaluation in Financial Risk Management: Pr.. [Fricke, Jens][Pauly, Ralf] 2-3-2013
VaR Applications: Setting VaR-based Limits [Blanco, Carlos][Blomstrom, Sally] 12-11-2011
Homogeneous Law-Invariant Coherent Multiperiod V.. [Kusuoka, Shigeo][Morimoto, Yuji] 8-1-2010
The Limits of Forecasting Methods in Anticipatin.. [Wright, George][Goodwin, Paul] 7-21-2010
VaR Limits for Pension Funds: An Evaluation [Berstein, Solange M.][Chumacero, Romulo A.] 5-30-2010
Central Limits and Financial Risk [Dubikovsky, Vladislav][Goldberg, Lisa][Hayes, Michael Y.][Gladkevich, Alexei][Barbieri, Angelo] 5-17-2010
The Limits of Diversification When Losses May Be.. [Ibragimov, Rustam][Walden, Johan] 5-8-2010
Estimating the VaR of a portfolio subject to pri.. [Wang, Jane-Sue][Chou, Pin-Huang][Li, Wen-Shen][Lin, Jun-Biao] 4-24-2010
Risk Budgeting with Value at Risk Limits [Hartl, Robert][Johanning, Lutz] 4-6-2007
The Limits of Market-Based Risk Transfer and Imp.. [Groome, Todd] 11-2-2006
Satisfying Convex Risk Limits by Trading [Larsen, Kasper][Pirvu, Traian][Shreve, Steven][Tutuncu, Reha] 8-18-2004
Using Value at risk Limits if Correlations Betwe.. [Dresel, Tanja][Hartl, Robert][Johanning, Lutz] 1-4-2003
Die Berücksichtigung von Korrelationen bei der V.. [Dresel, Tanja][Johanning, Lutz][Kern, Markus] 1-3-2003
Optimal Dynamic Trading Strategies with Risk Lim.. [Cuoco, Domenico][He, Hua][Issaenko, Sergei] 10-2-2002
Capital Budgeting for Independently Acting Trade.. [Dresel, Tanja][Hartl, Robert][Johanning, Lutz] 10-2-2002
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Limits to Risk Model.. [Daníelsson, Jón] 9-20-2002
Value-at-Risk Limitstrukturen zur Steuerung und .. [Beeck, Helmut][Johanning, Lutz][Rudolph, Bernd] 9-7-2002
Market Risk Budgeting with Value-at-Risk Limits .. [Beeck, Helmut][Johanning, Lutz][Rudolf, Markus] 9-2-2002
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