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Innovations in Quantitative Risk Management [Scherer, Matthias][Zagst, Rudi] 2-1-2015
Risk Measurement and Management of Operational R.. [Gatzert, Nadine][Kolb, Andreas] 8-22-2014
The Role of the Information Set for Forecasting .. [Holzmann, Hajo][Eulert, Matthias] 7-19-2014
Statistics of Extreme Events in RiskManagement: .. [Herrera, Rodrigo][Schipp, Bernhard] 7-14-2014
Optimal Management of DC Pension Plan under Loss.. [Guan, Guohui][Liang, Zongxia] 6-29-2014
Cheap Talk and Decision Making in Financial Inst.. [Gründl, Helmut][Höring, Dirk] 6-7-2014
Essays in Financial Risk Management [Ergen, Ibrahim] 5-13-2014
Stress Scenario Generation for Solvency and Risk.. [Steffensen, Mogens][C_hristiansen, Marcus C.][Henriksen, Lars F. B.][Schomacker, Kristian Juul] 4-21-2014
Statistics and Quantitative Risk Management for .. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 4-11-2014
Liquidity-Adjusted Intraday Value at Risk Modeli.. [Dionne, M. Georges][Pacurar, Maria][Zhou, Xiaozhou] 2-22-2014
How do Boards Address Risk Management and Oversi.. [Davies, Brandon] 2-1-2014
The Importance of Overnight Information in Risk .. [Taylor, Nick] 2-1-2014
Risk Disclosure, Risk Management, and Bank Value.. [Chen, Sheng-Hung][Lee, Tung-Chin] 2-1-2014
Heads or Tails: Financial Disaster, Risk Managem.. [Ivantsov, Evgueni] 1-31-2014
On the Appraisal of LVaR throughout the Close-Ou.. [Al Janabi, Mazin] 1-12-2014
Conceptualizing Robustness in Risk Management [Stahl, Gerhard][Kiesel, Rudiger T.][Zheng, Jinsong][Ruehlicke, Robin] 1-3-2014
Integrated Risk Management: Risk Aggregation and.. [Mitschele, Andreas][Schlottmann, Frank][Seese, Detlef] 12-31-2013
A Multi-Objective Approach to Integrated Risk Ma.. [Schlottmann, Frank][Mitschele, Andreas][Seese, Detlef] 12-31-2013
Dependence and Extreme Dependence of Crude Oil a.. [ben Aissa, Mohamed Safouane][Aloui, Riadh][Hammoudeh, Shawkat][Nguyen, Duc Khuong] 12-29-2013
Risk Management Data and Information for Improve.. [Brose, Margarita][Flood, Mark][Rowe, David] 11-30-2013
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