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Risk Modelling and Management: An Overview [Chang, Chia-lin][Allen, David E.][McAleer, Michael][Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio] 7-4-2013
De Copulis non est Disputandum, Copulae: An Over.. [Hardle, Wolfgang][Okhrin, Ostap] 4-7-2013
An Overview of Conditional Comonotonicity and It.. [Cheung, Ka Chun] 1-21-2012
An Overview of Comonotonicity and its Applicatio.. [Deelstra, Griselda][Dhaene, Jan L. M.][Vanmaele, Michele] 3-10-2011
Value-at-Risk: An Overview of Analytical VaR [Berry, Romain] 2-8-2011
Credit Risk Tools: An Overview [Esposito, Francesco P.] 1-24-2011
Value at Risk: A Critical Overview [Sollis, Robert] 12-25-2010
The Supervisory Capital Assessment Program: Over.. [Federal Reserve Bd.] 9-6-2010
Copula Goodness-of-fit Testing: An Overview and .. [Berg, Daniel] 8-15-2010
An overview of representation theorems for stati.. [Song, YongSheng][Yan, JiaAn] 4-21-2010
Market Liquidity Risk - An Overview [Stange, Sebastian][Kaserer, Christoph] 5-4-2009
Quantitative Impact Study 5: Overview on the Res.. [CEBS] 6-18-2006
Modelling of Default Risk: An Overview [Jeanblanc, Monique][Rutkowski, Marek] 4-29-2006
Modelling Copulas: An Overview [Dorey, Martyn][Joubert, Phil] 1-31-2006
Stress-Testing Financial Systems: An Overview of.. [Sorge, Marco] 10-1-2005
Quantitative Impact Study 3 - Overview of Global.. [Basel Committee] 3-10-2005
Basel II and Operational Risk - Overview and Key.. [Currie, Carolyn V.] 3-12-2005
Risk Attribution and Portfolio Performance Measu.. [Zhang, Yongli][Rachev, Svetlozar] 2-26-2005
Conditional Value-at-Risk, Methodology and Appli.. [Uryasev, Stanislav] 1-13-2005
Overview of the New Basel Capital Accord [Basel Committee] 8-22-2004
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