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Nonparametric Inference on Quantile Marginal Eff.. [Kaplan, David M.] 8-26-2014
Quantifying the Risk Using Copulae with Nonparam.. [Bolance, Catalina][Bahraoui, Zuhair][Artis, Manuel] 6-21-2014
A Note on Nonparametric Estimation of Bivariate .. [Bucher, Axel] 5-31-2014
Nonparametric Estimation of the Conditional Tail.. [Ndao, Pathé][Diop, Aliou][Dupuy, Jean-François] 5-25-2014
Semi-parametric Expected Shortfall Forecasting .. [Gerlach, Richard][Chen, Cathy W. S.] 5-18-2014
Testing the Applicability of Parametric and Nonp.. [Radivojevic, Nikola][Milojkovic, Dragana][Stojkovic, Dragan] 5-13-2014
Nonparametric Tests for Constant Tail Dependence.. [Bucher, Axel][Jaschke, Stefan R.][Wied, Dominik] 4-25-2014
A Nonparametric Operational Risk Modeling Approa.. [Zhu, Xiaoqian][Li, Jianping][Chen, Jianming][Gao, Lijun][Feng, Jichuang][Wu, Dengsheng][YangHuo, Yingqi][Xie, Yongjia] 4-22-2014
Semiparametric Density Forecasts of Daily Financ.. [Olmo, Jose][Hallam, Mark] 3-9-2014
Risk Margin Quantile Function Via Parametric and.. [Peters, Gareth][Chan, Jennifer S.K.][Dong, Alice X.D.] 2-13-2014
Semi-nonparametric VaR Forecasts for Hedge Funds.. [del Brio, Esther][Perote, Javier][Mora, Andres] 1-26-2014
Nonparametric Estimation of Operational Risk and.. [Tursunalieva, Ainura][Silvapulle, Paramsothy] 12-29-2013
A Semi-Parametric Approach to Estimating the Ope.. [Tursunalieva, Ainura][Silvapulle, Paramsothy] 12-25-2013
To Compute the Oil Market Value at Risk by Apply.. [Feng, Chunshan][Wu, Jiachun][Jiang, Fu] 12-14-2013
Semiparametric Conditional Quantile Models for F.. [Zikes, Filip][Barunik, Josef] 9-8-2013
Large-Sample Parametric Confidence Intervals for.. [Iscoe, Ian][Kreinin, Alex] 8-28-2013
Parametric VaR with Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based .. [Moralles, Herick Fernando][Sartoris, Alexandre][Rebelatto, Daisy A.] 8-10-2013
A Semiparametric Approach to Value-at-Risk, Expe.. [Silvapulle, Mervyn][Silvapulle, Paramsothy][Chen, Xiangjin Bruce] 7-27-2013
Value at Risk Estimation by Combining Semi-Param.. [Wang, Kaiping] 6-22-2013
Bayesian Bandwidth Selection for Nonparametric R.. [Zhang, Xibin][King, Maxwell L.][Shang, Han Lin] 6-22-2013
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