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What is the Best Risk Measure in Practice? A Com.. [Emmer, Suzanne][Tasche, Dirk][Kratz, Marie] 1-1-2014
Operational Risk Modeling: Theory and Practice [Wahlstrom, Johan] 12-25-2013
Liquidity Stress Testing: A Survey of Theory, Em.. [Basel Committee] 10-27-2013
Capital Planning at Large Bank Holding Companies.. [Federal Reserve Bd.] 8-20-2013
2013 Risk Practices Survey: Risk Managers Summar.. [Wolters Kluwer Financial Services] 5-5-2013
Active Credit Portfolio Management in Practice [Bohn, Jeffrey R.][Stein, Roger M.] 4-13-2013
Guidelines on Risk Management Practices: Credit .. [Monetary Authority of Singapore] 4-3-2013
Guidelines on Risk Management Practices: Liquidi.. [Monetary Authority of Singapore] 4-3-2013
Guidelines on Risk Management Practices: Market .. [Monetary Authority of Singapore] 4-3-2013
Opinion of the EBA on Good Practices for ETF Ris.. [European Banking Authority] 3-10-2013
Macrofinancial Stress Testing - Principles and P.. [Schumacher, Liliana][Oura, Hiroko] 2-3-2013
Risk in Practice - Senior Bank Managers at Work [Wahlström, Gunnar] 12-16-2012
Practices and Issues in Operational Risk Modelin.. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 10-14-2012
Active Portfolio Risk in Practice [Musazai, David] 10-14-2012
Global Model Practice Survey 2010: Adding Some H.. [Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited] 7-30-2012
Global Model Practice Survey 2011: Growth Throug.. [Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited] 7-30-2012
Data Quality and Stress Testing: Best Practices .. [De Vylder, Thibaut][Rommel, Bernard] 6-15-2012
Euler Allocation: Theory and Practice [Tasche, Dirk] 6-12-2012
The Effect Of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) On Enterp.. [Daud, Wan Norhayate Wan][Yazid, Ahmad Shukri][Hussin, Hj Mohd Rasid] 5-20-2012
Internal vs. External Risk Measures: How Capital.. [Eling, Martin][Tibiletti, Luisa] 4-25-2012
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