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Bank Governance, Regulation, Supervision, and Ri.. [Barakat, Ahmed][Hussainey, Khaled] 11-28-2013
An Alternative Story of the Law and Regulation o.. [Weber, Robert F.] 7-21-2013
Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Regulation [Allen, Franklin][Carletti, Elena] 7-13-2013
The Minimal Confidence Levels of Basel Capital R.. [Zimper, Alexander] 6-27-2013
Risk, Risk Management and Regulation in the Bank.. [Pelzer, Peter] 9-8-2012
Bank Regulation and Stability: An Examination of.. [Baptista, Alexandre][Alexander, Gordon][Yan, Shu] 4-29-2012
Why the Micro-Prudential Regulation Fails? The I.. [Zhou, Chen] 11-8-2011
Operational Risk Toward Basel III: Best Practice.. [Gregoriou, Greg] 8-28-2011
Economic Costs and Benefits of Imposing Short-Ho.. [Shi, Zhen][Werker, Bas J. M.] 3-29-2011
Unintended Cnsequences of the Market Risk Requir.. [Meng, Xu][Keppo, Jussi][Kofman, Leonard] 10-9-2010
Insurance Solvency Regulation: Regulatory Approa.. [Lorent, Benjamin] 9-19-2010
Financial Regulation in a System Context [Morris, Stephen][Shin, Hyun Song] 9-11-2010
On the Feasibility of Risk Based Regulation [Daníelsson, Jón] 9-5-2010
Counterparty Credit Risk Modelling: Risk Managem.. [Pykhtin, Michael] 8-21-2010
Bank Regulation and Risk Management: An Assessme.. [Baptista, Alexandre][Alexander, Gordon][Yan, Shu] 8-14-2010
Banking Regulation with Value-at-Risk [Paschke, Raphael] 8-12-2010
Macroprudential Regulation and Systemic Capital .. [Lehar, Alfred][Gauthier, Céline][Souissi, Moez] 7-23-2010
Internal Models-Based Capital Regulation and Ban.. [Kupiec, Paul] 5-1-2010
Any Regulation of Risk Increases Risk [Maymin, Zakhar G.][Maymin, Philip] 4-10-2010
The Financial Crisis, Systemic Risk, and the Fut.. [Harrington, Scott] 4-6-2010
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