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Risk Measurement and Management of Operational R.. [Gatzert, Nadine][Kolb, Andreas] 8-22-2014
Hurst Exponent As a Risk Measurement On the Capi.. [Wilimowska, Zofia][Kilyk, Anna] 6-27-2014
Risk Measurement Robust under Model Uncertainty [Breuer, Thomas][Csiszár, Imre] 11-30-2013
How Well Do Risk Measurement Models Estimate VaR.. [Dockery, Everton][Efentakis, Miltos] 11-2-2013
Robust Risk Measurement and Model Risk [Glasserman, Paul][Xu, Xingbo] 9-20-2013
Operational Risk Measurement of Chinese Commerci.. [Song, Jiashan][Li, Yong][Ji, Feng][Peng, Cheng] 8-10-2013
Unexpected Tails in Risk Measurement: Some Inter.. [Tolikas, Konstantinos] 7-25-2013
The Research of Liquidity Risk Measurements in C.. [Li, Lili][Feng, Yuhui] 6-26-2013
The Effect of the Choice of the Loss Severity Di.. [Mori, Atutoshi][Nagafuji, Tsuyoshi][Kimata, Tomonori] 6-23-2013
Imprecise Previsions for Risk Measurement [Pelessoni, Renato][Vicig, Paolo] 6-16-2013
Soundness of Market Risk Measurement Techniques .. [Mirkovic, Vladimir] 6-12-2013
Regime Switching and Risk Measurement Tools [Liechty, John C.] 5-6-2013
Bayesian Estimation of Truncated Data with Appli.. [Giacometti, Rosella][Fabozzi, Frank J.][Tucker, Ann H.][Zhou, Xiaoping] 3-21-2013
Basel III: International Framework for Liquidity.. [Basel Committee] 3-3-2013
Integrated Risk Measurement of Chinese Commercia.. [Wang, Dong-hua][Huang, Kang][Gong, Pu] 2-26-2013
Scenarios and their Aggregation in the Regulator.. [Haier, Andreas][Pfeiffer, Thorsten] 12-25-2012
Feedback Statement: CESR's Guidelines on Ris.. [Committee of European Securities Regulators] 9-24-2012
Operational Risk Measurement via the Loss Distri.. [Feng, Jichuang][Chen, Jianming][Li, Jianping] 9-16-2012
Incorporating Systemic Influences Into Risk Meas.. [Allen, Linda][Saunders, Anthony] 8-12-2012
Quantile-based Methods for Prediction, Risk Meas.. [Ally, Abdallah K.] 8-5-2012
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