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Heads or Tails: Financial Disaster, Risk Management and Survival Strategy in the World of Extreme Risk
Company: Gower Publishing Company
Year Of Publication: 2013
Month Of Publication: October
Resource Link: Click here to open
Pages: 299
Download Count: 0
View Count: 1986
Comment Num: 0
Language: English
Source: book
Who Can Read: Free
Date: 1-31-2014
Publisher: Administrator
Heads or Tails answers the question: what changes should financial institutions undergo to ensure reliable protection against extreme risks? Dr Evgueni Ivantsov combines analysis of the nature of extreme risk (so-called tail risk), risk management practices and practical solutions to build a robust, enterprise-wide, extreme risk management framework which includes three lines of defence, ranging from strategic to tactical, designed to help address the tail risk during different stages of its development. The author also discusses: Why modern 'sophisticated' risk management frameworks, strong capitalisation and liquidity do not prevent banks from failure in the face of systemic crisis; What it means to build an effective defence against systemic and catastrophic losses; What risk architecture should look like to ensure that extreme risk events are identified early and efficiently mitigated; How modern management practices, regulation and risk and business culture need to change to guarantee sustainability.
Ivantsov, Evgueni Sign in to follow this author
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