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Date: 12-23-2012   Visits: 1194 The Role Value At Risk (VaR) Played in the 2008 Financial CrisisIn the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, a myriad of factors leading to the calamity were extensively examined by various public and private entities. It became apparent that some factors had pl...
Date: 1-27-2011 Author:Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission  Visits: 1242 US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Releases ReportIn this report, we detail the events of the crisis. But a simple summary, as we seeit, is useful at the outset. While the vulnerabilities that created the potential for crisiswere years in the making,...
Date: 2-21-2010 Author:Carlos Lozada  Visits: 1254 After the financial crisis, in praise of Wall Street's wizards Remember when we admired Wall Street's financial wizards, the math and computer geeks who dreamed up all those credit default swaps, mortgage derivatives, collateralized debt obligations and the...
Date: 2-15-2010 Author:Deepak Mohanty  Visits: 1108 Lessons from the financial crisis The crisis has shown that irrespective of the degree of globalisation of a country and the soundness of domestic policies, it can be impacted by a crisis in any other economy due to the interlin...
Date: 2-9-2010 Author:Stacy Blackman  Visits: 1073 Are Analytics Responsible for the Financial Crisis? Last week [BNET] spoke with Analytics at Work co-author and Babson College professor Thomas Davenport about the ways in which analytics can benefit organizations. T...
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