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Date: 11-20-2012   Visits: 1419 Allianz SE : Tom Wilson "Risk management is a culture, not a cult"Ultimately, the responsibility for risk, as well as rewards, rests with the front-line business, and this is where a risk-culture has to begin. After all, no amount of risk controlling or reporting ca...
Date: 2-20-2012   Visits: 1417 Traditional Risk Management Approaches Do Not Adequately Identify, Evaluate and Manage RiskDespite being a late entrant, business and risk consulting firm Protiviti has made a mark for itself in the internal audit market in India in a short span of six years. Mritunjay Kapur, country managi...
Date: 11-1-2011   Visits: 1290 Looking Beyond Risk Management as a Cost With risk management in prime global focus after the fall of Lehman Brothers, there is a concerted effort to ensure banks are ring fenced to ward off risks associated with their operations, more...
Date: 12-23-2010 Author:Steinert-Threlkeld, Tom  Visits: 1906 After VaR: Q&A with Ron PapanekValue at Risk, aka VaR, is a measure of how much value a portfolio of financial assets is at risk of losing in one day, watched closely by nearly all Wall Street firms in their daily operations.But it...
Date: 10-10-2010 Author:Espinoza, Javier  Visits: 1512 In the Hot SeatDavid Benson 's recollection of the weekend before the collapse Lehman Brothers in September 2008 isn't totally clear. But one thing he remembers is that, as the then chief operating officer of Man Gl...
Date: 2-14-2010 Author:AI5000  Visits: 1963 Nassim Taleb A Life in Uncertainty I have only one project, one big idea: uncertainty.  ...
Date: 1-31-2010 Author:Global Fundamentals Ltd.  Visits: 1965 Ittai Korin, Portfolio Science on Risk Tools for Managers Portfolio Science president Ittai Korin (pictured) says the firm’s provision of risk management services through an application programming interface is bringing risk tools to a broader ra...
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