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Date: 7-17-2011   Visits: 1583 Report on the Effectiveness and Possible Side Effects of the Office of Financial ResearchThank you for giving me the opportunity to testify on the analytical ambitions and centralized risk-management plans of Office of Financial Research (OFR). This measure, if I read it well, aims a...
Date: 4-27-2010 Author:Goldman Sachs  Visits: 1790 Goldman Sachs: Risk Management and the Residential Mortgage Market The financial crisis has been a humbling experience for every participant in the financial system. The events of the past few years have put a particular focus on risk management, its failures a...
Date: 4-14-2010 Author:James Vanasek  Visits: 2039 James Vanasek, former CRO, Washington Mutual, Testifies before the US Senate Committee on InvestigatMr. Chairman, Senator Coburn, and other distinguished Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to discuss the mortgage and financial crisis from the perspective of a credit officer in t...
Date: 2-14-2010 Author:Hal Scott  Visits: 1676 Hal Scott, Professor, Harvard Univ. on the implications of the Volcker Rules for Financial StabilityIMHO, a particularly poignant excerpt (Barry Schachter): Clearly, the absolute size of an institution is not the predicate for systemic risk; it is rather the size of its debt, its derivatives po...
Date: 2-14-2010 Author:Barry Zubrow  Visits: 2606 Barry Zubrow CRO, JPMorgan Chase & Co. on Implications of the ‘Volcker Rules’ for Financial Stabilit While the history of the financial crisis has yet to be written conclusively, we know enough about the causes – poor underwriting, too much leverage, weak risk management, excessive relian...
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