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You may not be devoted to financial risk management, but Gloria-Mundi is.  Gloria-Mundi is a set of tools and resources for you to use to expand your expertise in this one particular corner of the world of knowledge. 

You can use Gloria-Mundi in several ways.  For example you can search for, read up on, and download some of the latest research (both published and pre-publication).   Gloria-Mundi’s document database is updated frequently, as new research appears. 

You can save documents online for later reading by placing them in your personal Gloria-Mundi “bookshelf.” 

You can discuss (or just follow other discussions of) risk management issues, ideas, and research along with the entire Gloria-Mundi community.  You can browse threads or you can specify tags that will be used to tell you when threads that match your interest are started or updated.  You can also choose to follow any thread. 

You can bring your own work online as well and have it available to wherever you are, by uploading the document to yourprivate workspace (called a Cabinet). 

You can mark up documents you save or upload, highlighting the important bits, making notations, etc. and save those mark-ups in your Cabinet for future reference, available to you from wherever you can access the web. 

Gloria-Mundi can help you in your research in various ways.  For example, many documents in the database have their bibliographic references cross-linked, so you can check out who cites whom and read the related works. 

You may have groups of colleagues, friends, course-mates, etc. which whom you want to share discussions exclusively. Gloria-Mundi allows you to do this by creating a Risk Circle, then inviting those people to join.  Discussions in a Risk Circle work just like general community discussions, except that only the Risk Circle’s members can participate or see the content. 

A Risk Circle is a perfect way to share information related to a university course, or to circulate for discussion an early version of a research paper, or to establish a user‘s group for a software product, etc.

For detailed help on navigating Gloria-Mundi checkout the Site Help document on your member home page. (Oops!  You will have to sign up first!) 

In the near future more tools will be added.  As you become familiar with all the features of Gloria-Mundi, you will probably come up with some ideas of your own for enhancing the experience.  Don’t keep your great ideas to yourself! Your feedback to us for new tools and improvements will help a lot.  

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Barry Schachter

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