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About Gloria-Mundi
Barry Schachter
Who is Gloria-Mundi, anyway?
Not an obscure founder of risk management, but rather an old Latin idiom, "sic transit Gloria-Mundi" (loosely translated, fame is temporary).



Gloria-Mundi was conceived and created by Barry Schachter in 1996.


With the encouragement of site users from many countries, the site has grown dramatically in depth and scope, now serving as a resource for the community of individuals interested in Value at Risk and more generally financial risk management.


Since the beginning of 2000 Barry Schachter has headed the risk function at several hedge funds, including some of the largest and oldest.  He also has worked on the sell side"in risk management. Before all that he worked in bank supervision at  the U.S. Office of the Comproller of the Currency and derivatives regulation at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He began his career in academia, spending most of that period at Simon Fraser University.

Barry is a Fellow of the Program in Mathematics in Finance at the Courant Institute of Mathematics at NYU and a Research Associate of the EDHEC Risk Institute.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of the IAFE (and former Board member) (,  and a Board member of PRMIA (  He blogs at 

He writes and speaks on risk management topics in both academic and practitioner venues.

In 2007, he co-edited "How I Became a Quant," published by Wiley Finance.  In 2004, he edited "Intelligent Hedge Fund Investing", published by Risk Books


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