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Introductions, Overviews, Primers, and Surveys
Document Title Author Issue Date
Risk - A Multidisciplinary Introduction [Kluppelberg, Claudia][Straub, Daniel][Welpe, Isabell M.] 6-21-2014
A Survey of Systemic Risk Measures: Methodology.. [Uchida, Yoshihiko][Hattori, Akio][Kikuchi, Kentaro][Niwa, Fuminori] 6-8-2014
A Primer on Risk Measures [Maclean, Leonard][Ziemba, William] 2-11-2014
An Introduction to Risk Measures for Actuarial A.. [Hardy, Mary] 1-5-2014
Systemic Risk Survey: Survey Results 2013 H2 [Bank of England] 12-29-2013
The Risk Enabled Enterprise® Global Survey Resul.. [Chartis Research] 12-29-2013
A Primer on Risk Mathemetics [Glantz, Morton][Kissell, Robert] 12-27-2013
Introduction to Risk Parity and Budgeting [Roncalli, Thierry] 11-17-2013
Liquidity Stress Testing: A Survey of Theory, Em.. [Basel Committee] 10-27-2013
Global Risk Management Survey, Eighth Edition [Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited] 7-30-2013
A Survey of Value-at-Risk and its Role in the Ba.. [Fang, Victor][Ball, James] 7-12-2013
Risk Modelling and Management: An Overview [Chang, Chia-lin][Allen, David E.][McAleer, Michael][Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio] 7-4-2013
2013 Risk Practices Survey: Risk Managers Summar.. [Wolters Kluwer Financial Services] 5-5-2013
De Copulis non est Disputandum, Copulae: An Over.. [Hardle, Wolfgang][Okhrin, Ostap] 4-7-2013
Copula Theory: An Introduction [Durante, Fabrizio][Sempi, Carlo] 4-7-2013
A Primer For The Mathematics Of Financial Engine.. [Stefanica, Dan] 12-25-2012
An Introduction to Particle Integration Methods:.. [Peters, Gareth][Del Moral, Pierre] 10-20-2012
Incorporating Systemic Influences Into Risk Meas.. [Allen, Linda][Saunders, Anthony] 8-12-2012
Global Model Practice Survey 2010: Adding Some H.. [Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited] 7-30-2012
Global Model Practice Survey 2011: Growth Throug.. [Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited] 7-30-2012
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