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Introductions, Overviews, Primers, and Surveys
Document Title Author Issue Date
Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods and Value at.. [Langmore, Ian] 7-7-2012
Emerging Risks Survey 2012 [Rudolph, Max] 5-19-2012
Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance [Roman, Steven] 5-1-2012
Introduction to Stochastic Programming [Birge, John R.] 4-8-2012
Assessing the Chief Risk Officer: An Introductio.. [Phillips, Shane] 1-22-2012
An Overview of Conditional Comonotonicity and It.. [Cheung, Ka Chun] 1-21-2012
Macroeconomic Stress-Testing Banks: A Survey of .. [Drehmann, Mathias] 1-19-2012
A Survey of Systemic Risk Analytics [Flood, Mark][Lo, Andrew][Bisias, Dimitrios][Valavanis, Stavros] 1-15-2012
A Survey on Time-Varying Copulas: Specification,.. [Manner, Hans][Reznikova, Olga] 12-31-2011
Coherent Risk Measurement: An Introduction [Krause, Andreas] 11-27-2011
Global Risk Management Survey 2009 [AON Risk Solutions] 10-5-2011
Global Risk Management Survey 2011 [AON Risk Solutions] 10-5-2011
Moodys Analytics 2011 Banking Industry Survey on.. [Moodys] 10-1-2011
An Introduction to the Mathematics of Value-at-R.. [Grotke, James N. Jr.] 9-1-2011
Operational Risk: A Survey [Moosa, Imad A.] 8-28-2011
Statistics and Finance: An Introduction [Ruppert, David] 8-22-2011
Risk Management Survey for the Banking Sector [Central Bank of Kenya] 8-21-2011
An Introduction to Heavy-Tailed and Subexponenti.. [Foss, Sergey][Korshunov, Dmitry][Zachary, Stan] 7-10-2011
An Introduction to Generalized Marginal Risk [Ardia, David][Keel, Simon] 6-26-2011
Mathematical Methods in Modern Risk Measurement:.. [Balbas, Alejandro] 5-26-2011
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