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Introductions, Overviews, Primers, and Surveys
Document Title Author Issue Date
Introduction to Algorithms [Cormen, Thomas][Leiserson, Charles E.][Rivest, Ronald][Stein, Clifford] 5-24-2011
Introduction to Global Optimization [Horst, R.][Pardalos, Panos M.][Thoai, Nguyen Van] 5-24-2011
Capital Allocation Survey with Commentary [Venter, Gary G.] 4-17-2011
A Primer on Copulas for Count Data [Genest, C_hristian][Neslehova, Johanna] 4-6-2011
An Overview of Comonotonicity and its Applicatio.. [Deelstra, Griselda][Dhaene, Jan L. M.][Vanmaele, Michele] 3-10-2011
Global Risk Management Survey 7th Edition: Navig.. [Hida, Edward] 2-26-2011
Value-at-Risk: An Overview of Analytical VaR [Berry, Romain] 2-8-2011
Stress Tests for Defined Benefit Pension Plans -.. [Impavido, Gregorio] 2-7-2011
Credit Risk Tools: An Overview [Esposito, Francesco P.] 1-24-2011
Introduction to Stochastic Integration [Kuo, Hui-Hsiung] 1-2-2011
Value at Risk: A Critical Overview [Sollis, Robert] 12-25-2010
New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysi.. [Lütkepohl, Helmut] 12-9-2010
An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Ap.. [Feller, William] 12-3-2010
An Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Anal.. [Anderson, T.W.] 10-26-2010
How Pension Funds Manage Investment Risks: A Glo.. [Halim, Sandy][Miller, Terrie][Dupont, David] 10-15-2010
Introduction to Rare Event Simulation [Bucklew, James] 10-3-2010
The Supervisory Capital Assessment Program: Over.. [Federal Reserve Bd.] 9-6-2010
An EVT Primer for Credit Risk [Chavez-Demoulin, Valerie][Embrechts, Paul] 8-28-2010
Extreme Value Theory for Finance: A Survey [Rocco, Marco] 8-27-2010
A Course in Derivative Securities: Introduction .. [Back, Kerry] 8-22-2010
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