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Introductions, Overviews, Primers, and Surveys
Document Title Author Issue Date
Copula Goodness-of-fit Testing: An Overview and .. [Berg, Daniel] 8-15-2010
What's New in Value-at-Risk? A Selective Sur.. [Pearson, Neil D.] 8-13-2010
Global risk Management Survey 6th Edition: Risk .. [Hida, Edward] 7-13-2010
Global risk Management Survey 5th Edition: Accel.. [Hida, Edward] 7-13-2010
An Introduction to the Bootstrap [Efron, Bradley][Tibshirani, R. J.] 5-31-2010
Does Risk Management Add Value? A Survey of the .. [Smithson, Charles][Simkins, Betty J.] 4-28-2010
An overview of representation theorems for stati.. [Song, YongSheng][Yan, JiaAn] 4-21-2010
The RiskMinds 2009 Risk Managers’ Survey: The ca.. [Moore, Carter and Associates] 4-19-2010
Extreme Value Theory: An Introduction [De Haan, Laurens][Ferreira, Ana] 4-16-2010
An Introduction to Levy Processes with Applicati.. [Papapantoleon, Antonis] 4-4-2010
Stochastic models for risk estimation in volatil.. [Stoyanov, Stoyan][Rachev, Svetlozar][Fabozzi, Frank J.][Racheva-Iotova, Borjana] 3-22-2010
Market Liquidity Risk - An Overview [Stange, Sebastian][Kaserer, Christoph] 5-4-2009
A Survey on Risk Management in Electriciy Market.. [Liu, Min][Wu, Felix F.][Ni, Yixin] 5-3-2009
Stress Testing Credit Risk: A Survey of Authorit.. [Foglia, Antonella] 2-14-2009
Stochastic Volatility Models: A Survey with Appl.. [Billio, Monica][Sartore, Domenico] 1-3-2009
A Primer on Financial Contagion [Pericoli, Marcello][Sbracia, Massimo] 12-7-2008
First Part of CEBSs Technical Advice to the Euro.. [CEBS] 11-25-2007
A Gentle Introduction to the RM 2006 Methodology [Zumbach, Gilles] 7-2-2007
Copula Modeling: An Introduction for Practitione.. [Trivedi, Pravin K.][Zimmer, David M.] 7-1-2007
Public Disclosures by Banks: Results of the 1999.. [Basel Committee] 3-7-2007
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