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Introductions, Overviews, Primers, and Surveys
Document Title Author Issue Date
A Primer for Risk Measurement of Bonded Debt fro.. [Papaioannou, Michael] 3-17-2007
Introduction to Applied Stress Testing [Čihák, Martin] 3-17-2007
Rare-event Simulation Techniques: An Introductio.. [Shahabuddin, Perwez][Juneja, Sandeep] 2-27-2007
Fundamentals-Based Estimation of Default Probabi.. [Chan-Lau, Jorge A.] 1-16-2007
Multivariate GARCH Models: A Survey [Bauwens, Luc][Laurent, Sebastien][Rombouts, Jeroen] 7-9-2006
Quantitative Impact Study 5: Overview on the Res.. [CEBS] 6-18-2006
A Primer on the Macroeconomic Effects of an Infl.. [Kennedy, Steven][Thompson, Jim][Vujanovic, Petar] 5-16-2006
Choosing the Right Measure of Risk: A survey [Pedersen, Christian S.][Satchell, Stephen] 5-3-2006
Modelling of Default Risk: An Overview [Jeanblanc, Monique][Rutkowski, Marek] 4-29-2006
An Introduction to Copulas, Second Ed. [Nelsen, Roger B.] 4-16-2006
An Introduction to Value at Risk, 4th Ed. [Choudhry, Moorad] 4-9-2006
Modelling Copulas: An Overview [Dorey, Martyn][Joubert, Phil] 1-31-2006
Global Hedge Fund Valuation and Risk Management .. [PricewaterhouseCoopers] 11-23-2005
Modelling the Dependence Structure of Financial .. [Aas, Kjersti] 11-6-2005
Systemic Risk: A Survey [De Bandt, Olivier][Hartmann, Phillip] 10-11-2005
Stress-Testing Financial Systems: An Overview of.. [Sorge, Marco] 10-1-2005
Stress Testing at Major Financial Institutions: .. [Basel Committee] 10-1-2005
A Survey of Cyclical Effects in Credit Risk Meas.. [Allen, Linda][Saunders, Anthony] 8-16-2005
Bank Risk Disclosure Survey 2003 [Stradea Consulting] 4-17-2005
Bank Risk Disclosure Survey 2002 [Stradea Consulting] 4-17-2005
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