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The Risk Management Process: Business Strategy a.. [Culp, Christopher L.] 8-4-2002
Integrated Risk Management: Techniques and Strat.. [Doherty, Neil A.] 8-4-2002
Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off: How L.. [Barton, Thomas L.][Shenkir, William G.][Walker, Paul L.] 8-4-2002
Managing Operational Risk: 20 Firmwide Best Prac.. [Hoffman, Douglas G.] 8-4-2002
Measuring and Managing Operational Risks in Fina.. [Marshall, Christopher Lee] 8-4-2002
A Practical Guide to Heavy Tails: Statistical Te.. [Adler, Robert J.][Feldman, Raisa E.][Taqqu, Murad] 8-4-2002
Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance .. [Taleb, Nassim N.] 8-4-2002
Analysis of Financial Time Series [Tsay, Ruey S.] 8-4-2002
Derivatives Handbook: Risk Management and Contro.. [Schwartz, Robert J.][Smith, Clifford W. Jr.] 8-4-2002
Credit Risk Measurement: New Approaches to Value.. [Saunders, Anthony] 8-4-2002
An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extre.. [Coles, Stuart] 8-4-2002
Laws of Small Numbers: Extremes and Rare Events [Falk, Michael][Huesler, Juerg][Reiss, Rolf] 8-4-2002
Statistical Analysis of Extreme Values: From Ins.. [Reiss, Rolf][Thomas, Michael] 8-4-2002
The Mathematics of Natural Catastrophes [Woo, Gordon] 8-4-2002
On law invariant coherent risk measures [Kusuoka, Shigeo] 8-3-2002
Portfolio Optimization with Spectral Measures of.. [Acerbi, Carlo][Simonetti, Prospero] 7-30-2002
Coherent Measures of Risk [Artzner, Philippe][Delbaen, Freddy][Eber, Jean-Marc][Heath, David] 7-30-2002
Risk Aversion and Coherent Risk Measures: a Spec.. [Acerbi, Carlo] 7-30-2002
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