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Lessons from the Subprime and Sovereign Debt Cri.. [del Brio, Esther][Mora, Andres][Perote, Javier] 5-25-2014
Robust Strategies for Optimal Order Execution in.. [Schied, Alexander] 5-24-2014
Teoría de Riesgo: Riesgo actuarial y Riesgo Fina.. [Diz, Evaristo] 5-20-2014
Distortion Risk Measures and Elicitability [Wang, Ruodu][Ziegel, Johanna F.] 5-20-2014
Operational Risk Modeling: How Far Have We Progr.. [Cooper, Ben][Piwcewicz, Bartosz][Warren, Nic] 5-18-2014
Optimal Execution Strategy under Arithmetic Brow.. [Di Persio, Luca][Benazzoli, Chiara] 5-18-2014
Scale-Invariant Divergences for Density Function.. [Kanamori, Takafumi] 5-18-2014
Essays in Financial Risk Management [Ergen, Ibrahim] 5-13-2014
Testing the Applicability of Parametric and Nonp.. [Radivojevic, Nikola][Milojkovic, Dragana][Stojkovic, Dragan] 5-13-2014
Testing Applicability of Value at Risk Models in.. [Barjaktarovic, Lidija][Terzic, Ivica][Milojevic, Marko] 5-13-2014
Model Risk in Backtesting Risk Measures [Evers, Corinna][Rohde, Johannes] 5-13-2014
A Quasi-Bayesian Model Averaging Approach for Co.. [Tsiotas, Georgios] 5-13-2014
Nonparametric Tests for Constant Tail Dependence.. [Bucher, Axel][Jaschke, Stefan R.][Wied, Dominik] 4-25-2014
Assessment Methodologies for Identifying Non-Ba.. [Financial Stability Board] 4-25-2014
Value at Risk (VaR) Backtesting Techniques and P.. [Shirazi, Ali] 4-24-2014
Stress Scenario Generation for Solvency and Risk.. [Steffensen, Mogens][C_hristiansen, Marcus C.][Henriksen, Lars F. B.][Schomacker, Kristian Juul] 4-21-2014
Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall of Firms in.. [Iglesias, Emma M.] 4-21-2014
On the Frequency Patterns of Rises and Falls [Luck, Jean-Marc] 4-21-2014
Value at Risk Estimation with Entropy-Based Wave.. [He, Kaijian][Zou, Yingchao][Wang, Lijun][Lai, Kin Keung] 4-21-2014
Consistent Risk Measures and a Non-linear Extens.. [Follmer, Hans][Penner, Irina] 4-13-2014
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