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Quantitative Techniques for Financial Risk Asses.. [Dedu, Silvia][Toma, Aida] 4-13-2014
The Standardised Approach for Measuring Counterp.. [Basel Committee] 4-9-2014
Portfolio Choices and VaR Constraint with a Defa.. [Barucci, Emilio][Cosso, Andrea] 4-9-2014
Modelling Tail Dependence Between Energy Market .. [Pan, Zhiyuan] 4-9-2014
An Application of Bayesian Inference on the Mod.. [Rahman, Kashfia N.][Black, Dennis A.][McDonald, Gary C.] 4-6-2014
Value-at-Risk Computations in Stochastic Volatil.. [Luetkebohmert, Eva][Matchie, Lydienne] 3-24-2014
Estimating Liquidity Risk Using the Exposure-Bas.. [Hall, Maximillian J.B.][Turner, Paul] 3-24-2014
Modeling Clusters of Extreme Values [Markovich, Natalia M.] 3-24-2014
Multifractal Based Return Interval Approach for .. [Liu, Weijia][Chung, Chi Yung][Wen, Fushuan] 3-24-2014
Testing the Interrelatedness of Banking Stabilit.. [Swamy, Vighneswara] 3-24-2014
Generalized Hyperbolic Distributinos and Value-a.. [Huang, Chun-Kai][Chinhamu, Knowledge][Huang, Chun-Sung][Hammujuddy, Jahvaid] 3-9-2014
Complete Duality for Quasiconvex Dynamic Risk Me.. [Frittelli, Marco][Maggis, Marco] 3-9-2014
Time Consistency of Multi-Period Distortion Meas.. [Fasen, Vicky][Svejda, Adela] 3-9-2014
Spatial Risk Measures and Their Local Specificat.. [Follmer, Hans] 3-9-2014
Stress Tests: From Arts to Science [Breuer, Thomas][Csiszár, Imre] 3-7-2014
Stochastic Dynamical Modelling of Spot Freight R.. [Benth, Fred Espen][Koekebakker, Steen][Taib, Imran] 3-7-2014
Estimation Error of Expected Shortfall [Kondor, Imre] 3-3-2014
Statistical Evaluation of Value at Risk Models f.. [Asfaha, Tesfalidet][Desmond, Anthony F.][Hailu, Getu][Singh, Radhey] 3-2-2014
Integrating Stress Scenarios into Risk Quantific.. [Abdymomunov, Azamat][Blei, Sharon][Ergashev, Bakhodir] 3-2-2014
Elicitation and Identification of Properties [Steinwart, Ingo][Pasin, Chloé][Williamson, Robert][Zhang, Siyu] 3-1-2014
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