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On A Subjective Approach to Risk Management [Jaworski, Piotr] 11-29-2013
Risk Management Lessons from the Global Financia.. [Varma, Jayanth R.] 11-6-2013
The Credit Crisis of 2007 and Its Implications f.. [Hull, John] 11-5-2013
The Limits of Financial Risk Management: Or What.. [Best, Jacqueline] 11-4-2013
Evaluation of Value at Risk Models: The New Scie.. [Naidu, P.A.] 11-3-2013
Risk Management with Thinly Traded Securities: M.. [Cortazar, Gonzalo][Beuermann, Diether][Bernales, Alejandro] 11-2-2013
The Role Of Value At Risk In The Management Of A.. [Petria, Nicolae][Zapodeanu, Daniela][Cociuba, Mihail Ioan] 10-27-2013
Risk Management for an Era of Greater Uncertaint.. [Accenture] 10-13-2013
Risk Management Challenges after the Financial C.. [Mertzanis, Charilaos] 10-10-2013
Enterprise Risk Management: Coping with Model Ri.. [Olson, David L.][Wu, Desheng Dash] 10-6-2013
Risk Management for LBOs in Buy-and-Hold Portfol.. [Bongaerts, Dion][C_harlier, Erwin] 10-2-2013
Applying Core Principles of Risk Management in .. [Izhar, Hylmun][Hassan, Zakaria Salah Ali] 9-15-2013
An Integrated Risk Management Model for an Oil a.. [Quintino, Antonio][Lourenco, Joao Carlos][Catalao-Lopes, Margarida] 9-7-2013
Distributionally Robust Risk Management: The Imp.. [Ciobanu, Corina A.] 8-31-2013
Value-at-Risk-Based Risk Management Using Option.. [Zhang, Cheng][Zhou, Zhiping][Zhou, Yang] 8-24-2013
The Risk Management Duties of the Board of Direc.. [vn der Elst, C_hristoph] 8-17-2013
Handbook of Financial Risk Management: Simulatio.. [Chan, Ngai Hang][Wong, Hoi Ying] 8-16-2013
Risk Prediction Management and Week Form Market .. [Brutti Righi, Marcelo][Ceretta, Paulo Sergio] 8-15-2013
Risk Management Beyond VaR [Rowe, David] 8-15-2013
Implementing the New Science of Risk Management .. [Abouarghoub, Wessam M.T.] 8-13-2013
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