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Risk Management and Basel-Accord-Implmentation i.. [Fry, John][Masood, Omar] 8-11-2013
Research on Risk Management of Basic Social Secu.. [An, Shi][Wang, Yan][Sun, Jian] 8-10-2013
Credit Portfolio Management: A Practitioner'.. [Hünseler, MIchael] 8-7-2013
Developing & Implementing a Risk Management Fram.. [Owen, Stephen] 8-2-2013
Global Risk Management Survey, Eighth Edition [Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited] 7-30-2013
Statistics and Quantitative Risk Management for .. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 7-28-2013
An Alternative Story of the Law and Regulation o.. [Weber, Robert F.] 7-21-2013
A Practical Guide to Risk Management (A Summary) [Coleman, Thomas S.] 7-20-2013
VaR Based Risk Management [Bohdalova, Maria][Gregus, Michal] 7-20-2013
Bank Risk Management with Value-at-Risk and Stre.. [Alexander, Gordon][Baptista, Alexandre][Yan, Shu] 7-12-2013
From Markowitz to Modern Risk Management [Alexander, Gordon] 7-12-2013
Risk Modelling and Management: An Overview [Chang, Chia-lin][Allen, David E.][McAleer, Michael][Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio] 7-4-2013
Cross-Commodity Analysis and Applications to Ris.. [Kiesel, Rudiger T.][Schindlmayr, Gero] 6-30-2013
Consultation Paper on revision of the ‘Guideline.. [Basel Committee] 6-29-2013
Have you Got the Risk Right? On Risk Appetite, S.. [Jankensgard, Hakan][Alviniussen, Alf] 6-21-2013
The Bibliography and History of Risk Management:.. [Crockford, G. Neil] 6-21-2013
Risk Management: History, Definition and Critiqu.. [Dionne, M. Georges] 6-21-2013
Fuzzy Methods for Variable Selection in Operatio.. [Giudici, Paolo][Cerchiello, Paola] 6-19-2013
Risk Management Technology in Financial Firms [Chorafas, Dimitris N.] 6-18-2013
Decision Making with Belief Structures: An Appli.. [Engemann, Kurt J.][Miller, Holmes E.][Yager, Ronald R.] 6-16-2013
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