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Dynamic Risk Management with Markov Decision Pro.. [Mundt, André] 6-13-2013
Risk Management in a Competitive Electricity Mar.. [Liu, Min][Wu, Felix F.] 6-12-2013
Dynamic Risk Management in Electricity Portfolio.. [Eichhorn, Andreas][Romisch, Werner] 6-12-2013
Risk Management for Energy Markets [Senyo, Emmanuel] 6-12-2013
A Risk Management Approach for Portfolio Insuran.. [Hamidi, Benjamin][Maillet, Bertrand B.][Prigent, Jean-Luc] 6-10-2013
The Role of Stress Testing in Credit Risk Manage.. [Stein, Roger M.] 6-8-2013
The Risk in Risk Management: Financial Organizat.. [Vit, Gregory] 6-6-2013
Value-at-Risk Based Risk Management in A Jump-Di.. [Zhang, Cheng][Zhou, Yang][Zhou, Zhiping] 5-25-2013
The Dispositif of Risk Management: Reconstructin.. [Huber, C_hristian][Scheytt, Tobias] 5-18-2013
Annual Report - Danske Bank - Risk Management - .. [Danske Bank] 5-11-2013
Close-Out Risk Evaluation (CORE): A New Risk Man.. [Cont, Rama][Avellaneda, Marco] 5-6-2013
Risk Management with Copulae [Giacomini, Enzo] 5-5-2013
Market Risk Management for Emerging Markets: Evi.. [Fantazzini, Dean] 5-4-2013
The Definitive Guide to Risk Management in Priva.. [Lichtner, Katharina] 4-28-2013
Mastering Illiquidity: Risk Management for Portf.. [Cornelius, Peter J.][Diller, C_hristian][Guennoc, Didier][Meyer, Thomas] 4-28-2013
Portfolio Risk Management with Efficiently Simul.. [Marchioro, Marco] 4-14-2013
Active Credit Portfolio Management in Practice [Bohn, Jeffrey R.][Stein, Roger M.] 4-13-2013
Monitoring Tools for Intraday Liquidity Manageme.. [Basel Committee] 4-12-2013
Recognizing When Black Swans Aren't: Holisti.. [Werther, Guntrum] 4-6-2013
Guidelines on Risk Management Practices: Credit .. [Monetary Authority of Singapore] 4-3-2013
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