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Integrated Risk Management: Techniques and Strat.. [Doherty, Neil A.] 8-4-2002
Integrating Corporate Risk Management [Shimpi, Prakash A.][Durbin, David][Laster, David S.] 8-4-2002
Making Enterprise Risk Management Pay Off: How L.. [Barton, Thomas L.][Shenkir, William G.][Walker, Paul L.] 8-4-2002
The ART of Risk Management [Culp, Christopher L.] 8-4-2002
Inventing Money: The Story of Long-Term Capital .. [Dunbar, Nicholas] 8-4-2002
When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Te.. [Lowenstein, Roger] 8-4-2002
Risk Management and Analysis: Measuring and Mode.. [Alexander, Carol] 8-4-2002
Beyond Value at Risk: The New Science of Risk Ma.. [Dowd, Kevin] 8-4-2002
Derivatives Handbook: Risk Management and Contro.. [Schwartz, Robert J.][Smith, Clifford W. Jr.] 8-4-2002
Risk Management [Crouhy, Michel][Mark, Robert][Galai, Dan] 8-4-2002
Credit: The Complete Guide to Pricing, Hedging a.. [Arvanitis, Angelo][Gregory, Jon] 8-4-2002
Theory of Financial Risks: From Statistical Phys.. [Bouchaud, Jean-Philippe][Potters, Marc] 8-4-2002
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