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Guidelines on Risk Management Practices: Liquidi.. [Monetary Authority of Singapore] 4-3-2013
Guidelines on Risk Management Practices: Market .. [Monetary Authority of Singapore] 4-3-2013
Risk management with high-dimensional vine copul.. [Brechmann, Elke C.][Czado, Claudia] 3-27-2013
Energy Risk Management Through Self-Exciting Mar.. [Herrera, Rodrigo] 3-24-2013
Making Risk Management Actionable [Lee-Shiue, Vivian][Odisharia, Irakli] 3-22-2013
A Bayesian Approach to Estimate the Marginal Los.. [Giudici, Paolo][Dalla Valle, Luciana] 3-21-2013
Opinion of the EBA on Good Practices for ETF Ris.. [European Banking Authority] 3-10-2013
Systemic Aspects of Risk Management in Banking a.. [Hellwig, Martin] 2-23-2013
Archimedean-Copula-Based Models in Financial Ris.. [Xu, Qing] 2-6-2013
Risk Evaluation in Financial Risk Management: Pr.. [Fricke, Jens][Pauly, Ralf] 2-3-2013
Report of the Review Committee of the Board of .. [JP Morgan Chase] 1-19-2013
Report of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Management Task F.. [JP Morgan Chase] 1-19-2013
Lessons Not Learnt: From the Collapse of Long-Te.. [Pike, Maureen][Allington, Nigel F. B.][McCombie, John S.] 12-26-2012
Agent-Based Risk Management - A Regulatory Appro.. [Theobald, Thomas] 12-26-2012
Boundaries of Correlation Adjustment with Applic.. [Numpacharoen, Kawee][Bunwong, Kornkanok] 12-17-2012
Quantitative Measures of Operational Risk: An Ap.. [Brown, Stephen J.] 12-16-2012
The Fundamental Risk Quadrangle in Risk Manageme.. [Rockafellar, R. Tyrrell][Uryasev, Stanislav] 12-14-2012
Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Publ.. [Bindseil, Ulrich][Gonzalez, Fernando][Tabakis, Evangelos] 11-18-2012
On Risk Management with Information Flows in Bus.. [Wang, Harry Jiannan][Bai, Xue][Krishnan, Ramayya][Padman, Rema] 11-17-2012
The Application of Extreme Value Theory in Opera.. [Teply, Petr] 11-5-2012
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