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Operational Risk: Back on the Agenda [Sheen, Andrew][McCormack, Peter] 11-3-2013
Results from the 2008 Loss Data Collection Exerc.. [Basel Committee] 11-2-2013
A Bayesian Approach to Extreme Value Estimation .. [Ergashev, Bakhodir][Mittnik, Stefan][Sekeris, Evan] 11-2-2013
A Model for Evaluating Operational Risk Using Fu.. [Pena, Alejandro][Lochmuller, C_hristian][Patino, Alejandro] 10-22-2013
Modeling Truncated Loss Data of Operational Risk.. [Salahi, Maziar][Pirouz, Maryam] 10-13-2013
Measurement of Operational Risk: The Basel Appro.. [Dowd, Victor] 9-15-2013
Operational Risk Control with Basel II [Chorafas, Dimitris N.] 9-15-2013
Mastering Operational Risk [Blunden, Tony][Thirlwell, John] 9-15-2013
Applying Core Principles of Risk Management in .. [Izhar, Hylmun][Hassan, Zakaria Salah Ali] 9-15-2013
The Application of Generalized Pareto Distributi.. [Skutnik, Tomasz][Basiaga, Krzysztof] 9-7-2013
Method, System and Computer Program for Operatio.. [Supatgiat, Chonawee][Kenyon, Chris][Heusler, Lucas] 8-24-2013
Operational Risk Measurement of Chinese Commerci.. [Song, Jiashan][Li, Yong][Ji, Feng][Peng, Cheng] 8-10-2013
Modelling Operational Risk Losses with Graphical.. [Giudici, Paolo][Politou, Danae] 8-3-2013
Bayesian Operational Risk Models [Figini, Silvia][Gao, Lijun][Giudici, Paolo] 8-3-2013
Measuring the Capital Charge for Operational Ris.. [Lu, Zhaoyang] 8-3-2013
Solvable Models of Operational Risk and New Resu.. [Brunel, Vivien] 7-31-2013
Combining Operational Loss Data with Expert Opin.. [Agostini, Alessandra][Talamo, Paolo][Vecchione, Vittorio] 7-31-2013
Scenario Generation for Operational Risk [Mitra, Sovan] 7-30-2013
Measuring the Operational Risk of Chinese Commer.. [Lu, Jing][Guo, Lei][Liu, Xing] 7-12-2013
Quantile Distance Estimation for Operational Ris.. [Renaudin, Alexis][Leherisse, Vincent] 7-8-2013
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