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An Extreme Value Approach for Modeling Operation.. [Chavez-Demoulin, Valerie][Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 7-5-2013
The Effect of the Choice of the Loss Severity Di.. [Mori, Atutoshi][Nagafuji, Tsuyoshi][Kimata, Tomonori] 6-23-2013
An Analytical Evaluation Method of the Operation.. [Ishitani, Kensuke][Sato, Kenichi] 6-23-2013
Methods of Operational Risk Economic Capital Est.. [Nikonov, Oleg][Vlasov, Vladimir] 6-21-2013
Fuzzy Methods for Variable Selection in Operatio.. [Giudici, Paolo][Cerchiello, Paola] 6-19-2013
A Weighted Mean Model for Operational Risk Asses.. [Huang, Yundong][Smith, L. Murphy][Durr, David] 6-19-2013
Modeling Dependencies in Operational Risk with H.. [Mittnik, Stefan][Starobinskaya, Irina] 6-16-2013
Applying a Structured Approach to Operational Ri.. [Watchorn, Emily] 6-16-2013
A Framework for Uncertainty Modeling in Operatio.. [Sakalo, Tatiana][Delasey, Matthew] 6-15-2013
Combining Scenario Analysis with Loss Data in Op.. [Cope, Eric W.] 6-15-2013
Modeling Operational Risk in Financial Instituti.. [Neil, Martin][Andersen, Lasse B.][Hager, David] 6-15-2013
Modeling Operational Risk Based on Multiple Expe.. [Hubner, George][Peters, Jean-Philippe][Gregoriou, Greg] 6-15-2013
Loss Distribution Approach for Operational Risk .. [Peters, Gareth][Shevchenko, Pavel] 6-15-2013
Flexible Dependence Modeling of Operational Risk.. [Brechmann, Elke C.][Czado, Claudia][Paterlini, Sandra] 3-27-2013
A Bayesian Approach to Estimate the Marginal Los.. [Giudici, Paolo][Dalla Valle, Luciana] 3-21-2013
Bayesian Estimation of Truncated Data with Appli.. [Giacometti, Rosella][Fabozzi, Frank J.][Tucker, Ann H.][Zhou, Xiaoping] 3-21-2013
Understanding Operational Risk Capital Approxima.. [Peters, Gareth][Shevchenko, Pavel][Targino, Rodrigo S.] 3-20-2013
Operational Risk: New Frontiers Explored [Davis, Ellen L.] 3-20-2013
Numerical Modelling of Operational Risks for the.. [Barreira, Raquel][Pryer, Tristan][Tang, Qi] 12-18-2012
Worrying but Accepting New Measurements: The Cas.. [Wahlström, Gunnar] 12-16-2012
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