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Quantitative Measures of Operational Risk: An Ap.. [Brown, Stephen J.] 12-16-2012
Operational Risk - Scenario Analysis [Teply, Petr][Rippel, Milan] 11-5-2012
The Application of Extreme Value Theory in Opera.. [Teply, Petr] 11-5-2012
Zero-Modified Discrete Distributions for Operati.. [Moutassim, Younes] 11-4-2012
Practical Operational Risk [Giacometti, Rosella][Rachev, Svetlozar][Chernobai, Anna][Consigli, Giorgio][Bertocchi, Marida] 11-3-2012
Contributions to Modeling of Operational Risk in.. [Chernobai, Anna] 11-3-2012
Modeling and Simulation of Selected Operational .. [Brandt, C_hristoph][Arbab, Farhad][Santini, Francesco][Kokash, Natallia] 11-3-2012
A Nonparametric Approach to Analyzing Operationa.. [Bolance, Catalina][Guillen, Monserrat][Ayuso, Mercedes] 10-28-2012
Aggregating Operational Risk Across Matrix Struc.. [Embrechts, Paul][Puccetti, Giovanni] 10-14-2012
Practices and Issues in Operational Risk Modelin.. [Embrechts, Paul][Hofert, Marius] 10-14-2012
Quantification of Operational Risk [Schaf, Irina][Buttler, Michael][Stern, Rudiger][Wegmann, Patrick] 9-18-2012
A Piecewise-Defined Severity Distribution-Based .. [Li, Jianping][Feng, Jichuang][Chen, Jianming] 9-16-2012
Operational Risk Measurement via the Loss Distri.. [Feng, Jichuang][Chen, Jianming][Li, Jianping] 9-16-2012
A Combination Model for Operational Risk Estimat.. [Li, Jianping][Gao, Lijun][Feng, Jichuang][Hua, Zhongsheng] 9-16-2012
A Fuzzy Model of Adaptation for Operational Risk.. [Pena Palace, Juan Alejandro] 9-4-2012
The Regulatory Loss Cut-off Level: Does It Under.. [Jiménez-Rodriguez, Enrique José][Feria-Dominguez, José M.][Martin-Marin, José L.] 9-2-2012
Advanced Operational Risk Modelling in Banks and.. [Angela, Carla][Bisignani, Rossella][Masala, Giovanni][Micocci, Marco] 8-27-2012
A Dynamical Model for Operational Risk in Banks [Bardoscia, Marco] 8-23-2012
Measuring the Over-dispersed Data in Operational.. [Lu, Zhaoyang] 8-13-2012
The Measurement of Capital for Operational Risk .. [Lee, Wo-Chiang][Fang, Ciang-Jye] 8-12-2012
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