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CVaR Measurement and Operational Risk Management.. [Yao, Feng-ge][Wen, Hongmei][Luan, Jiaqi] 8-11-2012
R and Operational Risk [Piacenza, Fabio] 6-21-2012
Quantitative Operational Risk Models [Bolance, Catalina][Gustafsson, Jim][Guillen, Monserrat][Nielsen, Jens P.] 6-7-2012
Operational Risk in Financial Sectors [Karam, Elias][Planchet, Frédéric] 5-28-2012
Operational Value-at-Risk in Case of Zero-inflat.. [Moutassim, Younes][Ezzahid, El Hadj][Belasri, Yassine] 5-28-2012
Operational Risk Capital: Asymptotics in the Cas.. [Keller, Brian][Sahay, Anupam][Wan, Zailong] 5-19-2012
Measuring Operational Risk in Financial Institut.. [Plunus, Severine][Hubner, George][Peters, Jean-Philippe] 5-19-2012
An Operational Risk Profile: The Experience of B.. [Moosa, Imad A.][Li, Larry] 4-16-2012
Dynamic Bayesian Models as an Alternative to the.. [Carvalho, Renato da Silva][Migon, Helio S.][Paez, Marina Silva] 4-7-2012
Bayesian Copulae Distributions, with Application.. [Arbenz, Philipp] 4-1-2012
Scoring Models for Operational Risks [Giudici, Paolo] 4-1-2012
Probabilistic Relational Models for Operational .. [Spies, Marcus] 4-1-2012
Modeling the Yearly Value-at-Risk for Operationa.. [Lu, Zhaoyang] 2-28-2012
Recent Development in International Commercial B.. [Zhong, Wei] 2-28-2012
The Measurement of Operational Risk Based on CVa.. [Yao, Feng-ge][Zhang, Ping] 2-28-2012
The Calculation of Portfolio Unexpected Loss in .. [Samuels, Michael] 2-28-2012
Macroenvironmental Determinants of Operational L.. [Cope, Eric W.][Piche, Mark T.][Walter, John S.] 1-29-2012
Modeling Operational Loss Severity Distributions.. [Cope, Eric W.] 1-29-2012
Estimating Operational Risk Capital: The Challen.. [Opdyke, JD][Cavallo, Alexander] 1-29-2012
Quantifying Operational Risk in Financial Instit.. [Keller, Brian][Bayraksan, Guzin] 1-21-2012
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