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A Fuzzy Approach to Mean-CDaR Portfolio Optimiza.. [Ghahtarani, A.R.][Najafi, A.A.] 7-20-2013
Measuring Risk in Fixed Income Portfolios Using .. [Santos, Andre A. P.][Moura, Guilherme V.][Caldeira, Joao F.] 7-20-2013
An Analytical Framework for Credit Portfolio Ris.. [Voropaev, Mikhail] 7-13-2013
Tail Risk in Energy Portfolios [Peña, Juan Ignacio][González-Pedraz, Carlos][Moreno, Manuel] 6-30-2013
Portfolio Risk and Dependence Modeling [Azamighaimasi, Arsaian] 6-30-2013
Estimating Portfolio Value at Risk with GARCH an.. [Restrepo, Maria Isabel] 6-29-2013
Modeling Value-at-Risk for International Portfol.. [Chen, Fen-Ying] 6-29-2013
Dynamic Risk Management in Electricity Portfolio.. [Eichhorn, Andreas][Romisch, Werner] 6-12-2013
Performance and Sensitivity Analysis of the VaR-.. [Jonasardottir, Rosa][Lavstrand, Andreas] 6-10-2013
A CAViaR Modelling for a Simple Time-Varying Pro.. [Hamidi, Benjamin][Jurczenko, Emmanuel][Maillet, Bertrand B.] 6-10-2013
A Risk Management Approach for Portfolio Insuran.. [Hamidi, Benjamin][Maillet, Bertrand B.][Prigent, Jean-Luc] 6-10-2013
The Effectiveness of the VaR-based Portfolio Ins.. [An, Yunbi][Jiang, Chonghui][Ma, Yongkai] 6-10-2013
Multi-Horizon Portfolio Insurance Model [Stulajter, Frantisek] 6-10-2013
Optimal portfolios with stress analysis and the .. [Liu, Jingzhen][Yiu, Ka-Fai Cedric][Teo, Kok Lay] 6-8-2013
Missing Data in Value-at-Risk Analysis: Conditio.. [Andersson, Joacim][Henrik, Falk] 6-6-2013
Solving Data Challenges of Loan Portfolio Stress.. [Sageworks] 5-26-2013
A Tactical Approach to Managing Interest Rate Ri.. [Beaudan, Patrick] 5-26-2013
Portfolio Value-at-Risk Estimating on Markov Reg.. [Xie, Chi][Lin, Yao] 5-6-2013
Incorporating the Time-Varying Tail-Fatness into.. [Lin, Chu-hsiung][Chien, Chang-Cheng Chang][Chen, Sunwu Winfred] 5-4-2013
Forecasting Portfolio-Value-at-Risk with Nonpara.. [Weiss, Gregor N.][Silburg, Karl F.][Stoimenov, Pavel] 5-4-2013
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