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Large returns, conditional correlation and portf.. [Silvapulle, Paramsothy][Granger, Clive] 8-24-2002
Portfolio Theory for Fat Tails [Sornette, Didier][Andersen, J. V.][Simonetti, Prospero] 8-24-2002
Market Risk Computation for Nonlinear Portfolios [Studer, Gerold] 8-24-2002
Equity Allocation and Portfolio Selection in Ins.. [Taflin, Erik] 8-24-2002
Equity Allocation and Portfolio Optimization: A .. [Taflin, Erik] 8-24-2002
Value at Risk for Investment Portfolios [Andrew Davidson & Co.] 8-24-2002
Value at risk models for Dutch bond portfolios [Vlaar, Peter J. G.] 8-23-2002
How to Price Information by Kullback-Leibler Ent.. [de Vries, Andreas] 8-23-2002
Value at Risk for Risk Portfolios [Wirch, Julia Lynn] 8-21-2002
Multivariate Extremes at Work for Portfolio Risk.. [Bouye, Eric] 8-18-2002
Risk Budgeting: Portfolio Problem Solving With V.. [Pearson, Neil D.] 8-4-2002
Portfolio Optimization with Spectral Measures of.. [Acerbi, Carlo][Simonetti, Prospero] 7-30-2002
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