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Mastering Illiquidity: Risk Management for Portf.. [Cornelius, Peter J.][Diller, C_hristian][Guennoc, Didier][Meyer, Thomas] 4-28-2013
Parallel Simulations for Analysing Portfolios of.. [Varghese, Blesson][Bahl, Aman Kumar][Baltzer, Oliver][Rau-Chaplin, Andrew] 4-20-2013
Towards Systematic Portfolio Strategy to Control.. [Yang, Z. George][Zhong, Liang] 4-15-2013
Portfolio Risk Management with Efficiently Simul.. [Marchioro, Marco] 4-14-2013
Active Credit Portfolio Management in Practice [Bohn, Jeffrey R.][Stein, Roger M.] 4-13-2013
Mathematical Risk Analysis: Dependence, Risk Bou.. [Rueschendorf, Ludger] 4-6-2013
Bounds for the Distribution Function and Value a.. [Rueschendorf, Ludger] 4-6-2013
On the Role of Norm Constraints in Portfolio Sel.. [Gotoh, Jun-ya][Takeda, Akiko] 3-22-2013
VaR and Time-Varying Volatility: A Comparative S.. [Obi, Pat][Sil, Shomir] 3-20-2013
Portfolio Crash Testing: Making Sense of Extreme.. [Satchkov, Daniel][Novosyolov, Arcady] 3-16-2013
Analytical Risk Contributions for Non-Linear Por.. [Wehn, Carsten S.][Lutz, Helmut] 2-26-2013
Conditional Value-at-Risk, Spectral Risk Measure.. [Brandtner, Mario] 2-23-2013
Nonlinear Portfolio Selection using Approximate .. [Li, Duan][Zhu, Shu-Shang][Sun, Xiaoling][Cui, Xueting] 2-10-2013
Estimating Hedged Portfolio Value-at-Risk Using .. [Chen, Yi-Hsuan][Tu, Anthony H.] 2-3-2013
The Implications of VaR and Short-Selling Restri.. [Tsafack, Georges][Fulbert, Tchana Tchana] 1-19-2013
Fuzzy Possibilistic Portfolio Selection Model wi.. [Li, Ting][Zhang, Weiguo][Xu, Weijun] 1-11-2013
Optimal Portfolio Model Based on WVaR [Hao, Tianyu] 12-29-2012
Portfolio Value-at-Risk Estimating on Markov Reg.. [Lin, Yao] 12-28-2012
One-Factor Copula-Based Model for Credit Portfol.. [Kolman, Marek] 12-25-2012
The Regularization Aspect of Optimal-Robust Cond.. [Fertis, Apostolis][Luthi, Hans Jakob][Baes, Michel] 12-25-2012
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